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I dreamed of tubas and...

The LoyalTubist's Dream Fleet!

AMC Pacer

There's nothing like driving around in a mobile fish bowl.  Wayne Campbell used to drive around in a Pacer through Aurora, Illinois, with his best friend, Garth.

BMW Isetta

To show there is a little bit of "yuppie" in me, like Steven Q. Urkel, I dreamed of owning my own Beemer someday.  (Only poor Steve got his wish but the poor car ended up accidentally going over a cliff!)

Checker Cab

Once the most common taxicab in the United States, Checkers were built between 1922 and 1982 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The attraction for a tuba player is that you can comfortably seat five tubists and their tubas into a sedan model with ease!

Divco Milk Truck

These, like the Checkers, were also once a common sight in America. Divcos had two electrical systems.  One was for the engine while the other was for the refrigeration unit.  With this, you could keep all the accessories on, run the battery down and still have power (in the other battery) to start up the engine to leave!

Jeep DJ-3 (Postal Jeep)

I don't really know what the attraction is here.  I just think it would be neat to drive around in a vehicle like this!

John Deere Lawn Tractor

All I need is enough grass to merit the use/ownership of it!


This is an Indonesian SUV.  We owned an older model of this car when we lived in Indonesia.  Like the Postal Jeep, it has right hand drive!  (Made by Toyota.)


This is another Indonesian SUV.  I like the Kijang better but this car is very comfortable.  Runs on diesel fuel (cough, cough!)  I have driven this vehicle and it drives very nicely.  Probably the most popular middle class vehicle in Indonesia.  (Made by Isuzu.)

Studebaker Lark

I learned how to drive in the station wagon model.  I'd sure love to own one!

Vespa Motorscooter

This is where the wild man in me comes out!  Imagine the LoyalTubist driving down Magnolia Avenue in Riverside riding this with his tuba strapped to his back in a gig bag!

I also used to dream of owning my own military tank, but it really is possible for me to own the above pictured vehicles, license them, and actually drive them on the street!  I'm now limiting my boyhood dreams I'm keeping as a middle-aged man only to those which I can make come true (with a little cash!)



Last updated July 23, 2001