Many pretend to improve the world but who will allow themselves to suffer grievously like Christ on the Cross?

Freemasonry, also known as the Craft is a totally Anti-Christ organization which has its origins dating back to well before the 12th century. From the time of Adam there were always people who did not follow the true God; and because they did not follow the true God, truth was not with them and they followed all manner of error from refuting eternal life to Satanism. Satanism never truly died and even after the coming of Jesus and proof that Satan was a prisoner the devil could still find someone to fool into believing that he was God and that he was a superior power on the brink of creating a new kingdom which was bereft of laws and where the human being could do all that his heart desired - good or bad.

             By the end of the first millennium the Church was engaged in battles against the Moslems to recover the Holy Land occupied by them. Many thousands gladly laid down their lives for this cause and some land was recovered. Many knights and nobles however were not interested in the religious aspect but more in a mundane land-grab aspect. Among these was one called Jacques de Molay  (1243-1314) of an order called the Knights Templar ( founded 1119 by two French knights, Hugh des Patens and Godfrey of St. Omer). Jacques actually worshipped Satan.

 The Knights Templar used to handle the banking system of the Church and in the bargain they themselves became very rich; strange, for people who say they are fighting for Christ. While devout Christians around Europe gave graciously to support the crusades; the Knights became richer and richer when at last they returned and became bankers. Their austere rule of monasticism received in 1128 at the Ecclesiastical Council of Troves was thrown away and now they led lives of ordinary human beings, sometimes even worse.

 In 1307 Philip IV, King of France and Pope Clement V, tried to arrest the French Grand Master Jacques de Molay on charges of sacrilege and Satanism. His knights and officers confessed to Satanism and desecration and were burned at the stake. King Edward II, subsequently disbanded the order in England.

Knights Templar are also know as Knights of the Temple of Solomon. The Temple of Solomon is a very important part of Freemasonry. Today Knights Templar are affiliated to the York Rite – an order of the masons. Jacques de Molay is regarded as the founder of the Freemasonry, he himself was not a Freemason but the Freemasons had to have someone to hold as their founder. The history regarding Jacques de Molay is craftily manipulated to show him as a great champion of the Church.

 June 24, 1717 Grand Lodge of London (Mother of all Lodges)

1725 Grand Lodge of all England

1725 Grand Lodge of Ireland

1736 Grand Lodge of Scotland

1733 Lodge of Boston (USA)

1906 Grand Lodge of India (262 Lodges)

             While Christianity strongly professes humility and modesty the freemasons are steeped in wealth and pride and ever since its earliest days it has only allowed very wealthy and influential people to join. This is one tell tale sign of its completely opposite goals which are none other than the ways of Satan.

 Some Famous Freemasons 

Benjamin Franklin (American president)

William Shakespeare (wrote plays to influence human thought)

Harry S. Truman (Authorized launch of Atomic bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki)

Oliver Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy fame)

Rockefeller (Businessman)

Sean Connery (Actor)

Alfred Nobel (Nobel Prize)

Walt Disney (Walt Disney Cartoon world)

Domnique Lapierre (Criticized Mother Theresa)






Sean Connery with the sword of the Knights Templar

            A lodge is a meeting place for the masons. The site of the house is a strictly guarded secret and only members are allowed to enter. In the past only members with masks were allowed to enter so as not to reveal identity. Another mason could be told by the secret handshake or other gestures and signs.

            Today’s masons are more commercial in nature rather than religious. The total world strength of masons stands about 7 million but these few control the entire world through their clandestine and secretive means. 

If the Masons are so secretive how do they recruit new members?

Parades are organized and handbills are distributed portraying the sinister organization as a philanthropic organization while cleverly concealing its dark, obscure activities under the colorful guise of parades. Other members are recruited directly or by introduction of existing members. 


What are the Organizations sponsored by the Freemasonry?

To lead the masses without arousing their suspicion Freemasons have come up with hundreds of organizations like the Rotary Club, Lions Club,  Silva Mind Control, Kiwanis Club, Rosacrucians etc. The goal of these organizations are purposely ambiguous and people that innocently join these clubs do not know what they are following. One oft heard term in these groups is self-development which is none other than imbibing the Masonic principle. 


Who is allowed to join the Freemasonry?

On the face of it anyone is allowed to join even a Catholic Cardinal. In reality however, only extremely rich and influential men are allowed to join. Blacks were initially not allowed to join but in the early part of the 20th Century they too were allowed. 


How do members advance in rank?

When members join, they are brainwashed into actually believing that the Freemasons are the champions of society while the Catholics as enemies of the people. Those who show aversion are slowly dropped with some excuse or never promoted. Those who are promising are slowly introduced to its true nature in degrees and the member comes to know the actual occult and satanic nature of the organization and its dark and sinister methods.  The member is given tasks to complete and accordingly promoted. These tasks are usually desecration of Catholic objects. Later stages entail murder and heinous crimes. The member may ultimately advance to the 33rd level of the Grandmaster.


Are women allowed in the Freemasonry?

Since it’s beginning women were never allowed and many didn’t even know their husbands were in it. After the second half of the 19th century women were sparingly admitted. Today, lodges in the US have the most number of women. 


Why are the Freemasons so secretive?

Secrecy is only needed where there is something to hide. The Freemasonry  has for years being secretly and clandestinely shaping history. Using its dark methods of insurgency, it has influenced and instigated revolutions, uprisings, riots, civil-disobedience and in one word chaos. If the world is chaotic today we have to the Freemasons to thank.. Then, in this chaotic world that they have created their members stand up in their respective organizations and pretend to show the world the way through the mess that they themselves have created, thus leading the world into further chaos. The extremely rich members have very high personal gain from a chaotic world. In all this secrecy is of the utmost importance. The freemasons were very secretive in the past but towards the end of the 20th century and the early part of the 21st century much of their dark activities are coming to light especially in countries like England, France, USA and others. In the words of JFK “you can’t fool all the people all the time”


How is order maintained in the Freemasonry?

Since the methods and goals of Freemasonry are very subversive, order and discipline are extremely important lest cognizance of their dark activities are revealed. Death is a surefire method to enforce discipline and if the member wants to leave he cannot. If any attempt is made to reveal the dark secrets of the Freemasonry – death is immediately dealt out to this member under various disguises. This is why the actual operation of the Freemasonry and it real goals has remained unknown for years. A good example of this is William Morgan of New York who threatened to publish the dark secrets of the Freemasonry, he was tactfully obliterated in 1821.


What is Masonic propaganda?

The masons in a calculated move to disguise their dark activities spin a web of false facts, notions and ideas about its operations which is called Masonic Propaganda? Some people who know freemasons and some masons in the lower rungs are so deluded by the propaganda that they simply refuse to believe that the Masons are up to such diabolical practices and thus works the well oiled machine of deception and sophism. The reason for their extreme secrecy doesn't ring a bell.


Masonic propaganda read very carefully

I thank Thee Father for manifesting these things to the little and hiding them from the wise(acres)........

The thief doesn't come from the front door.....