Welcome to my Lingerie Picture Page!!!

"Isn't this Honeymoon 'sweet' ?
You want me to take off my nightie?"

"Does this look prettier?
I want to make you happy!"

"A little white, Afternoon Delight!"

My blouse is beginning to slip!"

"But you wanted to see more anyways!
Didn't you?"

"Care to join me for a little champagne?"

 You can own my used panties!!!
Reba's Transgender Auction!!

"...Anything else need polishing?"

"Enjoying a little fresh air"

"Patiently waiting for the ropes....."

"Vette's Vixen..."

"A little Victoria's Secret,
err, Lisa's Secret!"

"A special Valentines greeting,
like my candy?'"

"My Favorite white peasant blouse"

"My Favorite white babydoll "











I know what you are thinking .... Where are the more erotic pictures, right?

Well, first I must state that these pictures are intended only for those over 18,

they are of an adult nature so if you would be offended please don't look.

If you really want to see them though, click the botton below.