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Lenore, Me, School, And other things....

Lenore and things not worthy of the cute little dead girl....



Character Profiles

About Me

Hullo. Im makin this site out of sheer boredom. But I figured if I make one why not let it be about something cool. Well...thats where Lenore comes in if you didn't get it. This site IS under constuction right now so gimme a break will ya?!?! I'd like to scan some pictures for this site too, but seeing as how my book is not in my possesion right now that'd be a might bit hard. So in a few days I'll be gettin a lot more done.

Oh yeah, all the legal stuff...All pictures/images posted on this website(unless noted): Roman Dirge all rights reserved. 2000-I don't know the exact dates of all pictures. You know the drill, don't claim they are yours or try and make money off of someone elses work. Besides being pathetic, its illegal.

Anyhoo, this is the main idea of Lenore: Cute girl right? Well shes's dead. She died of an illness. Now that she is dead she accidentally brings pain suffering and death to most around her. But shes so cute its okay. And its funny a sick twisted kinda way.

Visit, the official home of Lenore and friends.

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