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Humanistic Foster Family Agency
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Welcome to Humanistic Foster Family Agency



A child-centered service, the Humanistic Foster Family Agency program provides individualized treatment to children through a healthy, structured and nurturing family environment. The program is beneficial to families with children who:

need placement outside of their biological homes.
are at risk of placement in a more restrictive environment.
are transitioning from a more intensive treatment placement.

The program staff includes a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals and family support workers with specialization in education, strength perspective, and skill building techniques. The program focuses on identifying and strengthening existing family support systems and assisting families in using these resources.

The care team works together to provide a multidisciplinary approach to care through a comprehensive treatment plan which includes input from the youth and family whenever possible. Under a therapist's direction, specially-trained foster care parents implement consistent behavior management and therapeutic interventions in a stable, structured and nurturing home environment. This home will emphasize the systematic modeling, coaching, and regular practice of social skills.

Emphasis is placed on the goal of family reunification or in some cases guardianship/adoption.