The car I currently drive is a 1992 Celica All-Trac turbo.

Some info i found about my car:

The GT-Four is based on the ever-popular Toyota Celica, with a number of (mainly performance enhancing) modifications. Most notable of these enhancements are the 2.0 litre intercooled turbocharged engine which produces between 190hp and 235hp stock (depending on the model GT-Four) and the all-wheel-drive transmission which allows that power to be delivered to the road with barely a chirp of the tyres.
This combination transforms the "normal" Celica that is widely regarded as being somewhat of a "pretend" sports car into an extremely potent, stylish, and reliable vehicle which truly earns its label as a sports car. Added to this is the incredible reliability and strength Toyota have built into the car, and the availability of good performance upgrades. The motor can be modified to produce 300hp with relative ease, and the stock engine internals are reportedly strong enough to support 450hp without the need for aftermarket parts. The transmission is also strong enough to handle just about as much power as you can throw at it. The only downside to all this meaty running gear is weight. Compared to other cars in it's class (Subaru WRX, Lancer EVO, Nissan 200SX, etc) the GT-Four is noticably heavier.



  • 17 x 7.5 +40 Sub Zero wheels
  • 17 x 9 +38 Sport Max wheels
  • 205/50/15 Falken 502 Tires
  • 225 / 45 / 17 Falken Azenis Tires
  • 215/45/17 Falken / Visa Tires
  • 215/45/17 Ezzenza Type R Tires front
  • 225/45/15 Kumho Victo Racers for the Track
  • 225/45/17 Pirelli P6000 front, 235/45/17 Goodyear F1 rear
  • 235/40/17 Ezzenza Tires


  • Autometer boost gauge
  • apexi auto timer / air fuel ratio meter
  • cheap ass Shatter mp3 head unit ($100)
  • Premier / Pioneer mp3 head unit deh-p560mp
  • 10" JL Audio Sub 
  • 80W Pioneer Amp for side woofers
  • 800W MA Audio Amp for sub

Future Modifications:

  • Custom Intake
  • Upgrade Fuel Pump
  • new paint or complete detailing
  • larger injectors
  • Apexi Super air/fuel controller
  • alcohol or water injection
  • front mount intercooler
  • st 205 transmission


  • oil: 10W40 Castrol
  • oil filter part #: 90915-yzza2