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Downtown Oakland/M. Robinson Baker Youth & Government Delegation

Downtown Oakland/M. Robinson Baker Delegation

Delegation Members

Lena Alexander

Marie Cheathamn

Kia Churchill

Denelle Cyrus

Danielle Harris

Paul Hudson

Mara Kimura Randle

Tarence Laffall

David Tolson

FaDante White

Courtney Wilkins

"Democracy Must Be Learned By Each Generation"
2350 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612
Telephone 1-510-451-9622

Downtown YMCA Youth and Government began in 1997 and has been actively growing ever since. Part of the the East Bay Coalition, Downtown's vision and energy continue to enliven Y & G. Downtown Oakland/M. Robinson Baker Youth and Government meets every Monday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the M. Robinson Baker YMCA on the corner of Brockhurst and Market St.

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Stephen Precceily

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Courtney Wilkins for 55th Youth Governor!

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