In Devotion to

...all I ever wanted...
...all I ever needed... here in my arms...
...words are very unnecessary...
...they can only do harm...

Come celebrate with other Depeche Mode devotees at the 5th Annual Depeche Mode Convention on Sunday, 23 September 2001. Click below for more details and "see you" there!


23 July 2001 -- Join me in wishing Martin Gore a happy 40th birthday!!!!

08 July 2001 -- Join me in wishing Andy Fletcher a happy 40th birthday!!!!

Site update 03 June 2001 --- Exciter Lyrics are available. Just follow the link to the Lyrics Page. Next up will be restoring my photos pages.

01 June 2001 --- Join me in wishing Alan Wilder a happy 42nd birthday!!!!

Site news 30 May 2001 --- Finally my Exciter Tour Dates page has been added. It's a little old news now, but still part of the "Exciter Happenings". More to follow soon.

Site news 27 May 2001 --- The World in My Eyes, Singles Tour plus Discography and Lyrics pages have been uploaded to the new site. I hope to add Exciter lyrics tomorrow. Thanks for you patience and come back soon :-)

Site news 26 May 2001 --- I am in the process of recreating my site since acmecity dumped my old page while merging with aol. Please stop back soon and hopefully it won't take too long to get the site up and running again!!!! Thanks and Keep Moding :-)

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