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24.06.04: This is quite possibly going to be the last update on this webpage along with all my others, angelfire has once again disabled my directory with all my images. I did think of deleting all of my pages and starting again from scratch, just doing a simple gothic themed page, however these pages do mean something to me therefore I'll keep them for the moment. Once and IF I make a new web site I'll post the link and if it's successful I might delete these. However if I get a new computer then I might continue with these sites, basically at the moment I'm very busy with school work and other commitments such as my poetry, story and song writing/composing. Anywho enjoy and thank you for the support!!! ^_~

Welcome to my humble and kiiwi little site. Watashi wa Katze.. It ain't the best but at least i've tried. Enjoy! Luv Katze ur webmisstress. PROUD TO BE BRITISH! 06.04.03

Shimata! Woah talk bout a long time since updates! Well dat's cuz dis site went quite litrally down under, and now is under construction. I discovered that this page still existed today and have decided to do it all up starting with this page and the fanfiction page. Hope to hear from yah all soon.

15.04.03 Well now at least all the links are correct but the pages don't work. When I go on them nothing loads, when I edit them they're perfect! grrrrrr

Gurlpages are so wonderful aren't they? I finally realised my pages existed, did them up and wow guess what? Every single page on Gurlpages has been deleted. About me & site, adoptions, anime carnival, crazy picture site, my archive, escaflowne, fanfiction, and more grrrrrrrr. Oh well now I'm gonna turn this more into a general about Japan/anime site with a few remaining anime sites left. c yah, lalallalal lol ^_~ Please sign the guestbook Domo Arigatou!

23.07.03 Okay just a short note to basically say goodbye, or at least for the next six weeks. I'm away on holiday in New Zealand, I might update once or twice but this is really it until some time in September/October. Simply not holiday but also back to school camp, my birthday and we're moving house. Okay thanks c yah!

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