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June 30th, 2002

Hey, its me, Sam. Let me start off by telling you a little about myself incase you didn't read the About Me Section . I was born on January 21st, 1987, I'm 15 years old if you didnt feel like doing the math. I am 5'9" and weigh about 152.

This is my first journal entry of the summer so I'll fill you guys in on what I've been doing. My normal days consists of me going to football camp at 7:30 a.m. getting home around 11 a.m., I then shower, eat, and fall asleep until about 3 p.m. Once I wake up i sit on my computer until I find somewhere to go. Summers been kind of dull so far. Haven't done too much. It would probably really suck if it wasn't for Christina waking me up bright and early everyday.

Time for the recap of my weekend. Overall I'd say on a scale of 1 - 10 it was a 6 or a 7.

Friday I had Christina, her cousin Allyson, and Vinnie over swimming. I got a nice little tan, and had a pretty good time. They all left around 4:30 so I went inside and chilled for a while. I went see Mr. Deeds later that night with my whole crew, Maria, and Nikki. I had a good time,,, until about 30 minutes after the movie. I went Maria's boyfriends house with 2 other people (Maria and Nikki) Maria's boyfriend, Justin, had all his friends over and I'm cool with them its just we dont talk to much so I was kinda of bored cause I wasn't really talking to anyone. So I called up my friends they met us infront of someones, that we didn't know, house. I got quite angry at someone and eventually everyone slowly parted. Me and Vinnie went back to my house to sleep, cause we needed to be up early for a wrestling tournament. The person that I was mad at called me, and I said some stuff that I wish I never said or brought up. I don't know who was right or wrong. I was really angry, but fell asleep around 1 ish.

Saturday. I went to the wrestling tournament,,, gay as hell and unorganized. Vinnie and I got our money back and left. Me and the person that I was mad at talked on the telephone, and made everything cool. I went to a family party and the whole time I sat there or drove around my uncles golf cart. I got home at like 9, and went to the Bloomingdale fest with Nikki. I had a pretty good time. I met her brother and he's a cool guy.

Sunday. Woke up early and went to church with the mother. It kinda felt good to go there and to know that I was doing something good. I went to dappers, had a pretty shitty cheese burger, and went home. When I got home I left and went wave running with 2 of my sisters and tammy's boyfriend. It was fun as hell. It was my first time, and it was awesome. It was an awesome experience to have, especially on Lake Michigan. I got home and went to the bloomingdale fest again. I didn't feel like going but whatever. I guess I had a fun time. I could of had more fun, but now that I think of it, I was being a bitch(haha), but serouisly I was. I met my sisters friends baby for the first time, and he is awesome. I carried him around for a while. That kid made my night a lot better than it was gonna be. On the way home we picked up white castles and I now regret eating them.

My weekend was just alright because Friday night basically screwed everything up because of how pissed off I was, but whatever, shit happens right?