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Name - Sam Tsamoulos
Sex – Male
State/Area - Illinois, Addison a Burb of Chicago
Birthdate - January 21, 1987
Sign – Aquarius
School – Addison Trail
Hair – Brown
Eye – Brown
Height – 5’9’’
Weight – 154lbs
Hobbies – Football, Wrestling, Chilling with friends, sitting on AOL, and that’s about it.

~-Favorite Things-~
Movie - Fight Club
Band - Don't really have one
Sport – Either Football or Wrestling,,, I don’t know which one.
Type of Music - All Kinds except country
Radio Station(s) - Q101, The Zone, and B 96.
Car – Escalade
Color – Any Shade of Blue


  • Everyone that knew about me before I was born thought I was going to be a girl.
  • I have never had any cavities but have chipped two teeth.
  • I am in honors classes, but most people think I am stupid.
  • I’d rather go to someones house and chill there instead of going out.
  • I hold grudges for a long time.
  • I can’t decide if I like girl’s legs or boobs better.
  • I don’t like AOL but I am usually on it.
  • I strongly dislike Aaron and Nick Carter.
  • I find bad pick up lines incredibly funny.
  • I hate when people tell me what to, when they should be asking politely.