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~*~ I  MISS YOU ~*~

Honnie... Oh how I missed you so
Thinking of you all day and night
Sitting on my bed in a lonely night
Wishing you was here to hold meeh tight
Thinking of you that makes my heart turn to ice
I need you now and need you forever
To warm meeh up and love meeh so
I want to prove my love for you
But you took it in another way
You never knew how I felt
You told meeh you were sorry
I believed you and forgave you
What can I say now that I'm in so deep to you?
I could only say, "I Love You" so much
Honnie... tell meeh you feel the same way, too
Remember that moment we spent all night
You said... "I will always be your baby..."
Tell meeh you remember and say... "You Love Me"
Only if you say it, it will always make meeh happy,
Even when your word is not truthful

But now you've lied to meeh again
Seeing you with another girl, kissing and making love
Honnie... You hurt meeh so much and make meeh cry!!
You told meeh it was a mistake, and it won't happen again
You told meeh "You Love Me," and I'm your only baby
But all I see in your eyes was a lie
You say you want to stay together, and love meeh forever
But honnie... Don't say forever... 'cuz forever makes meeh cry!!