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The Original Home Page of Robert W. Service

A Complete Collection of Poems by Rudyard Kipling

Arthur's Classic Novels*

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Joseph Conrad's Novels

Zane Gray's Novels

Bret Harte's Tales

Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Wild Western Stories

Western Stories by Stewart E. White

Adventure Literature Library -- World Wide School

American History Library -- World Wide School

Jack London's Writings

Canoeing with the Cree, by Arnold E. Sevareid

Scouting Games, by Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Rolf in the Woods, by Ernest Thompson Seton

The Prairie Traveler: A Hand-Book for Overland Expeditions,
by Randolph B. Marcy, Captain, U.S. Army

Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border, by Randolph B. Marcy

Ranch Life and the Hunting-Trail, by Theodore Roosevelt

Through the Brazilian Wilderness, by Theodore Roosevelt

The Rough Riders, by Theodore Roosevelt

The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses, by Theodore Roosevelt

Last of the Great Scouts -- The Life Story of Col. William F. Cody,
As told by his sister, Helen Cody Wetmore

A Campaign in New Mexico with Colonel Doniphan, by Frank S. Edwards

Rules of Civility, by George Washington

The American Colonial Militia, by James B. Whisker

Hero Tales From American History, by Henry Cabot Lodge and
Theodore Roosevelt

Woman on the American Frontier (Hartford: S.S. Scranton, 1881), by
William Worthington Fowler (page images at canadiana.org)
Woman on the American Frontier, by William Worthington Fowler (page
images at MOA)

Life Among the Indians, by George Catlin

Geronimo: His Own Story, by Geronimo, ed. by S. M. Barrett

Indian Boyhood, by Charles Alexander Eastman

Old Indian Days, by Charles Alexander Eastman

By the Prophet of the Earth: Ethnobotany of the Pima, by Leonora Scott
Muse Curtin

Chief Flying Hawk's Tales; The True Story of Custer's Last Fight, by Chief
Flying Hawk and Major Israel McCreight

The White Mountain Guide Book, by Samuel Coffin Eastman

In the Wilderness, by Charles Dudley Warner

The White Hills: Their Legends, Landscape, and Poetry, by Thomas Starr King

Adventures in the Wilderness, by W. H. H. Murray

Woods and Waters: or, The Saranacs and Racket, by Alfred Billings Street

The Adirondack: or, Life in the Woods, by Joel Tyler Headley

Some Fruits of Solitude, by William Penn

Cruises, Mainly in the Bay of the Chesapeake (Bryn Mawr: The Franklin
Press, 1909)
, by Robert Barrie and George Barrie

Camp Life in Florida, by Charles Hallock

A Canoe Voyage Up the Minnay Sotor (2 vols.), by George William

Flowers and Fruits from the Wilderness: or, Thirty-Six Years in Texas and
Two Winters in Honduras
, by Z. N. Morrell

A Journey Through Texas: or, A Saddle-Trip on the Southwestern
, by Frederick Law Olmsted

The Conquest of the Old Southwest: The Romantic Story of the Early
Pioneers into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky, 1740-
1790, by Archibald Henderson

Pioneers of the Old Southwest: A Chronicle of the Dark and Bloody Ground,
by Constance Lindsay Skinner

The Hive of "The Bee-Hunter," A Repository of Sketches, by Thomas
Bangs Thorpe

David Crockett: His Life and Adventures, by John S. C. Abbott

The Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone (from George Imlay's 1793
edition), by Daniel Boone and John Filson

A Summer in the Wilderness, Embracing a Canoe Voyage Up the Mississippi
and Around Lake Superior, by Charles Lanman

Sailing on the Great Lakes and Rivers of America, by John Disturnell

The Bark Covered House, or Back in the Woods Again, by William Nowlin

Narrative of an Expedition Through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake, the
Actual Source of This River, by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

Colonel Robert Campbell's Experiences in the Rocky Mountain
Fur Trade from 1825 to 1835
, by Robert Campbell

Christopher Carson, Familiarly Known as Kit Carson, by John S. C. Abbott

Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West by Solomon Nunes Carvalho

HTML at jewish-history.com
Page images at MOA
Life in the Rocky Mountains: A Diary of Wanderings on the Sources of the
Rivers Missouri, Columbia, and Colorado, 1830-1835
, by Warren Angus Ferris

The Life of Col. John Charles Fremont, and His Narrative of Explorations and
Adventures, in Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon and California
, by John Charles

The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, by Washington Irving

HTML at xmission.com
Gutenberg text
Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans, by Thomas James

Narrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard, Fur Trader and Trapper,
, by Zenas Leonard

The Oregon Trail, by Francis Parkman

Wild Life in the Rocky Mountains, by George Frederick Ruxton

Rocky Mountain Life, by Rufus B. Sage

Across the Rockies to the Columbia, by John Kirk Townsend

History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark,
to the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down
the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean (1814 edition) by Meriwether Lewis,
William Clark, and Nicholas Biddle, ed. by Paul Allen

Volume 1: page images at LOC
Volume 2: page images at LOC
First Across the Continent: The Story of The Exploring Expedition of Lewis
and Clark in 1804-5-6 by Noah Brook
Illustrated HTML at Virginia
Gutenberg text
Sac-A-Ja-Wea, America's Greatest Heroine: From the Lewis and Clark
Diaries, by Major Israel McCreight

Life on the Plains and Among the Diggings, by Alonzo Delano

Journal of Army Life, by Rodney Glisan

An Overland Journey, from New York to San Francisco in the Summer
of 1859
, by Horace Greeley

Horn's Overland Guide, From the U. S. Indian Subagency, Council Bluffs,
on the Missouri River, to the City of Sacramento, in California (New York:
J. H. Colton, 1852)
, by Hosea B. Horn

An Excursion to California Over the Prairie, Rocky Mountains, and Great
Sierra Nevada (two volumes)
, by William Kelly

A California Tramp and Later Footprints, by Thaddeus S. Kenderdine

Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane, by Martha Canary

Last of the Great Scouts: The Life Story of William F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill" by
Helen Cody Wetmore

Illustrated HTML at Virginia
Gutenberg text
The Life of Hon. William F. Cody, Known as Buffalo Bill (Hartford: F. E. Bliss,
, by William F. Cody (page images at LOC)

The Life and Adventures of "Buffalo Bill" (1917 edition), by William F. Cody

Buffalo Bone Days, by Major Israel McCreight (illustrated HTML at webtv.net)

Steep Trails by John Muir

HTML at Sierra Club
Gutenberg text
Prairie and Rocky Mountain Adventures, or, Life in the West, by John C.
Van Tramp

Buffalo Land: An Authentic Account of the Discoveries, Adventures,
and Mishaps of a Scientific and Sporting Party in the Wild West
, by
William Edward Webb

Life and Adventures of Nat Love, Better Known in the Cattle Country as
"Deadwood Dick," by Himself (1907)
, by Nat Love

The Bear-Hunters of the Rocky Mountains (Boston: Crosby and Nichols,
1862), by Anne Bowman

Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeck,
Lake of the Woods (2 vols.)
, by William Hypolitus Keating

Journal of a Trapper, by Osborne Russell

Tracks and Trails: or, Incidents in the Life of a Minnesota Territorial Pioneer,
by Nathan Dally

Fifty Years in the Northwest, by William Henry Carman Folsom, ed. by
E. E. Edwards

Report of a Reconnaissance of the Black Hills of Dakota, Made in the
Summer of 1874
, by William Ludlow

Santa Fe Trail, by Kansas State Historical Society

The Border Ruffian Code in Kansas

A Tour on the Prairies, by Washington Irving

Report of a Reconnaissance from Carroll, Montana Territory, on the Upper
Missouri, to the Yellowstone National Park, and Return, Made in the Summer
of 1875
, by William Ludlow

Report of an Expedition Up the Yellowstone River Made in 1875, by United
States War Department

Letters of a Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird

Illustrated HTML at Indiana
Gutenberg text
Memoir of the Proposed Territory of Arizona, by Sylvester Mowry

The Grand Canyon of Arizona: How to See It (revised edition, 1912), by
George Wharton James

Report of the Explorations in 1873 of the Colorado of the West and Its
, by Smithsonian Institution

Report Upon the Colorado River of the West, Explored in 1857 and 1858,
by Joseph C. Ives

The Marvellous Country, or, Three years in Arizona and New Mexico, by
Samuel Woodworth

Arizona Sketches, by Joseph A. Munk

Vanished Arizona: Recollections of the Army Life by a New England Woman,
by Martha Summerhayes

Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest,
by J. Frank Dobie

Woman in Levi's, by Eulalia Bourne

Hohokam Indians of the Tucson Basin,
by Linda M. Gregonis & Karl J. Reinhard

An Illustrated Guide to Arizona Weeds,
by Kittie F. Parker

By the Prophet of the Earth: Ethnobotany of the Pima,
by L.S.M. Curtin

Mission San Xavier del Bac,
by Helga Teiwes, Text by Bernard L. Fontana

The Seri Indians of Sonora Mexico,
by Bernice Johnston

Faith, Flowers, and Fiestas: The Yaqui Indian Year,
by Muriel Thayer Painter

The Marana Community in the Hohokam World,
edited by Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and John H. Madsen

A Yaqui Easter, by Muriel Thayer Painter

Borderman: The Memoirs of Federico José María Ronstadt (electronic
edition; based on original MS), by Federico José María Ronstadt

The Mountain Meadows Massacre, by Josiah Francis Gibbs

An Expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, by Howard Stansbury

Preliminary Report Upon a Reconnaissance Through Southern and
Southeastern Nevada, Made in 1869
, by George M. Wheeler and D. W.

Preliminary Report Concerning Explorations and Surveys, Principally in
Nevada and Arizona
, by United States Army Corps of Engineers

Crusoe's Island, by John Ross Brown

Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer, by Peter H. Burnett

Far-West Sketches, by Jessie Benton Frémont

Recollections of a '49er, by Edward Washington McIlhany

A Yankee Trader in the Gold Rush, by Franklin Agustus Buck

The Diary of a Forty-Niner, ed. by Chauncey de Leon Canfield

Around the Horn in '49, by Hartford Union Mining and Trading Company

The Adventures of a Forty-Niner, by Daniel Knower

A Pioneer at Sutter's Fort, 1846-1850, by Heinrich Lienhard, trans. by
Marguerite Eyer Wilbur

McNeil's Travels in 1849, To, Through, and From the Gold Regions, in California,
by Samuel McNeil

Personal Adventures in Upper and Lower California, in 1848-9 (two volumes), by
William Redmond Ryan

Sketches of Travels in South America, Mexico and California, by Luther
Melanchthon Schaeffer

Scharmann's Overland Journey to California, by Herman B. Scharmann, trans.
by Margaret Hoff Zimmerman and Erich W. Zimmerman

Diary of a Physician in California, by James L. Tyson, M.D.

Notes of a Voyage to California via Cape Horn, by Samuel Curtis Upham

A Picture of Pioneer Times in California, by William Francis White

Sixteen Months at the Gold Diggings, by Daniel B. Woods

Granite Crags, by Constance F. Gordon-Cumming

Travels With Jottings, by Edward D. Holton

Notes of Two Trips to California and Return, Taken in 1883 and 1886-7, by
Solomon Mead (HTML at LOC)

The Mountains of California, by John Muir

Illustrated HTML at Sierra Club
SGML and text at LOC
Ranch Life in California, by Evelyn M. Herstlet

Camping Out in California, by Mrs. Jacob Barzilla Rideout

My First Summer in the Sierra, by John Muir

HTML at Sierra Club
Illustrated HTML at LOC
The Silverado Squatters, by Robert Louis Stevenson
Gutenberg text
A Winter in California, by Mary H. Wills

Reminiscences of a Ranger: or, Early Times in Southern California, by
Horace Bell

A Tenderfoot in Southern California, by Mina Deane Halsey

Beyond the Rockies: A Spring Journey in California, by Charles Augustus

Death Valley in '49, by William Lewis Manly

The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate, by Eliza P. Donner

History of the Donner Party (second edition, 1880), by C. F. McGlashan

Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada, by Clarence King

Page images at MOA
Ramblings Through the High Sierra, by Joseph Le Conte

Discovery of the Yosemite, and the Indian War of 1851, Which Led
to That Event, by Lafayette Houghton Bunnell

The Yosemite Guide Book, by Geological Survey of California

The Yosemite, by John Muir

Adobe Days, by Sarah Bixby Smith

Adventures on the Columbia River: Including the Narrative of a Residence
of Six Years on the Western Side of the Rocky Mountains Among Various
Tribes of Indians Hitherto Unknown: Together With a Journey Across the
American Continent (New York: J. & J. Harper, 1832), by Ross Cox

A Voyage Round the World, by Gustavus Hines

Across the Plains in 1844, by Catherine Sager

A Woman's Trip to Alaska: Being an Account of a Voyage Through the Inland
Seasof the Sitkan Archipelago in 1890 (New York: Cassell, 1890), by Septima
Maria Levy Collis

Sketches of an Excursion to Southern Alaska, by Aaron Ladner Lindsley

Sketches and Tales Illustrative of Life in the Backwoods of New Brunswick,
North America (London : G. Routledge, 1845), by Emily Shaw Beavan

Roughing It in the Bush, by Susanna Moodie

Arctic Dawn: The Journeys of Samuel Hearne, by Samuel Hearne

Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay in His Majesty's Ship Rosamond (1817),
by Edward Chappell

Hudson's Bay, Or, Every-Day Life in the Wilds of North America: During Six
Years' Residence in the Territories of the Honourable Hudson's Bay Company
(Edinburgh: W. Blackwood, 1848, First Edition), by Robert Michael Ballantyne

Hudson's Bay, Or, Every-day Life in the Wilds of North America: During Six
Years' Residence in the Territories of the Honourable Hudson's Bay Company
(Edinburgh, London: W. Blackwood, 1848, Second Edition), by Robert Michael

Forty-two Years Amongst the Indians and Eskimo: Pictures From the Life of the
Right Reverend John Horden, First Bishop of Moosonee (London: Religious
Tract Society, 1893), by Beatrice Batty

The Great Lone Land: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-West
of America (London: S. Low, Marston, Low, & Searle, 1872), by William Francis

The Wild North Land: Being the Story of a Winter Journey, With Dogs, Across
Northern North America (London : S. Low, Marston, Low, & Searle, 1873), by
William Francis Butler

A Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba (London : W.H. Allen, 1884), by Mary Hall

Janey Canuck in the West, by Emily Murphy

From Flag to Flag: A Woman's Adventures and Experiences in the South During
the War, in Mexico, and in Cuba
, by Eliza Moore Chinn McHatton Ripley

Alone in the Caribbean: Being the Yarn of a Cruise in the Lesser Antilles in the
Sailing Canoe "Yakaboo" (1917)
, by Frederic A. Fenger

The Pampas and Andes: A Thousand Miles' Walk Across South America
(Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1869)
, by Nathaniel H. Bishop

Voyage of the Destroyer from New York to Brazil, by Joshua Slocum

Head Hunters of the Amazon: Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure,
by Fritz W. Up de Graff

Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for
Worldwide Cultivation, by National Research Council Board on Science and
Technology for International Development

Canoe Cruising and Camping (1897), by Perry D. Frazer

The Canoe: Its Selection, Care and Use (1914), by Robert E. Pinkerton

Canoeing with the Cree, by Arnold Eric Sevareid

Boat Sailing in Fair Weather and Foul (New York: The Outing Publishing
Company, 1908)
, by Ahmed John Kenealy

Sailing, by E. F. Knight

Boots and Saddles: or Life in Dakota with General Custer, by Elizabeth B. Custer

My Life on the Plains: Or, Personal Experiences with Indians by
George Armstrong Custer

Page images at MOA
HTML at Kansas
Camps and Firesides of the Revolution, ed. by Albert Bushnell Hart and
Mabel Hill (illustrated HTML at Virginia)

The Life of Francis Marion, by William Gilmore Simms

The Life of General Francis Marion, by Mason Locke Weems (Gutenberg text)

A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion and A History of His Brigade,
by William Dobein James

Woman on the American Frontier, by William Worthington Fowler
Woman on the American Frontier (Hartford: S.S. Scranton, 1881), by William

Worthington Fowler

The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby, by John Singleton Mosby, ed. by
Charles Wells Russell

"Morgan's Men": A Narrative of Personal Experiences, by Henry Lane Stone

The Bivouac and the Battlefield: or, Campaign Sketches in Virginia and
, by George Freeman Noyes

Fagots from the Camp Fire, by Louis J. Dupré

Intelligence in the War of Independence, by United States Central
Intelligence Agency

Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America, by Alvar Nunez
Cabeza de Vaca, trans. by Cyclone Covey

Real Soldiers of Fortune, by Richard Harding Davis


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