Gentle Wind

A sweet and gentle wind

Blew into the room

And caressed my very soul

A spirit of love

Sweetly surrounded me

Caressing my wounded heart

A soft voice began to speak

Drawing me closer into that embrace

"You have been strongly attacked

And deeply wounded

Your cry of painful tears

Have been heard

You feel as if you have been abandoned

And left alone to drift

On storm tossed circumstances

In the dark of night

Great sobs of pain,

Questions and doubts

Came crawling forth

You have felt lost and alone

Guidance you have sought

But could not find

Come and calm your ceaseless quest

Lie down and rest in my bosom

Take a refreshing breath

From my spirit

Put aside the turmoil of your mind

I am here to take on your worries

I am here to bring you through

I am here to give you rest

I am here to wash you in my love

So rest, rest my sweet child

Rest and hear my words

I am here to fight your battles

Only I can bring about

The answers to your prayers"

With that it seemed

A gentle hand was laid upon my head

And caressed my hair as a parent would a child

Tender arms close tighter about my body

Giving me a healing hug

A soft humming slowly began

A lullaby rocking me to peaceful sleep

I slowly felt those gentle arms

Lay me down upon my bed

And the gentle wind

Returned from whence it came.

By: Ann Martin

July 23, 2002

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