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A Wolf Dog For A Companion

I am currently owned by a wolf who is my true soul-mate and companion. Her name is "Nahi" which is short for Nahimana. Her name means "Mystic" in Native American North Dakotan. She is a beautiful black and silver with a splash of white on her. Talk about personality, she has it all! She gets along with all our other critters and loves children.

If considering ever buying a wolf-dog or a wolf/cross remember to search for a recommended breeder and NEVER use a 'back-yard' breeder with no experience and make sure you are not obtaining any pets from "puppy mills!!!" Wolves and wolf-dogs are highly intelligent canids who need over and above the regular care and attention that is given to domestic dogs. If you do not have time, patience or unconditional love to give a wolf-dog or any other animal, please refrain from buying or purchasing any! Animals are for life and the care and quality you put into them is what you will get out of them.

Remember- you are dealing with a animal that is mostly 'wild' and the higher the percentage, the more training, time, patience, and the desire to stay home you must have! Everyday we have howl-a-thons here with all 3 dogs howling---enough to get the whole neighborhood going! Make sure your neighbors will not mind the noise, even if YOU can! These guys chew, destroy, and tear apart EVERYTHING they can get there mouths on also, you have to make sure they are NEVER left unattended, as NO animal or pet should be. You ever hear of Houdini? Well owning a wolf-dog is like having Houdini living with you. They go over 8 foot high chain link in like climbing! One foot at a time, as they brace themselves in a corner. They also 'pick' locks, chew them apart, and open fences and gates. When they grow tired of that, you can expect them to dig, burrow, and make trenches also!

If you review and research and then decide that you would like to have a wolf-dog as a companion, please make sure that you obtain your pet through a REPUTABLE BREEDER! I can not stress this enough! Stay away from filthy homes and pets and make sure your breeder has contracts and info that go along with your new companion!

"Nahimana" means "Mystic" in North Dakota American Indian. She is 8 weeks in this picture.

One lazy wolf-dog! Check out the size of her paws! Nahi is a little over 9 weeks here.

Nahi at 3 and 1/2 months old. She is turning into a beautiful wolf-dog!


"Wolves - My Totem Power Animal"

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