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My Totem Power Animal

The wolves represented on my page are my chosen Totem Power animal. They represent my Shaman beliefs and values from my Native American brothers and sisters. I am blessed to have Cherokee, as well as Italian blood run through my veins. My Uncle Ed taught me some of our ancestral ways before he joined his Spirit World. Through him, my values of the Mother Earth and her creatures were taught to me.

The wolves are my protector and also my chosen "Power Animal."

They are who represent my Magickal name, Silver ShadowWolf. I have chosen my Magickal name from "Silver" which is the binding of earth, nature. "Shadow" was chosen because I, like others, have to learn, Practice, collect, and teach quietly so not to bring 'attention' to others and myself. Hence, that is why I am called, a "Solitary Witch." Of course the "Wolf" part of my Magickal name is my chosen power animal like so stated.

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My wolves are the TRUE protectors and keepers of this web site.

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