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Faery Dust In Your Garden

Garden faeries are most active in the growing season. Two good ways to attract them are soft music, or by leaving bits of bread and cheese out for them. The best way to attract the garden faeries is to plant a faery garden with plants that have been found for centuries to be their favorites. Tend to your garden with love and care. Call out to the faeries and make them welcome....and soon you may catch a glimpse of the "wee little folk" dancing merrily around your bushes and trees!

Some Favorite Faery Plants & Flowers:

Apple Trees - It is believed that faeries inhabit them and could enchant mortals who lingered beneath them and carry them off to Faery-Land.

Lily of the Valley - The tiny flowers and sweet smell are perfect size for the wee ones.

Rosemary -It is called the elf plant, and fairlore states they are enchanted by the scent.

Thyme - This is their favorite! You may get a glimpse of your faeries playing delightfully amongst it.

Ferns - Grow them near the thyme beds with plenty of soft moss around and the faeries will make their beds in it!

Oak tree - It is believed that holes near the bottom of old trees are the doorway to Faery Land!

Forget-Me-Nots - Hold the blue flowers and wish....if you are pure and true...the keys of faery land will come to you.

Faery Herbal Magick:


Elder - Elder is said to offer protection to the faeries from negative spirits.

Hawthorn- Hawthorn, also known as Witches' Tree, is one part of the sacred triad of trees that are said to be sacred to the Faery. Oak, Ash, and Thorn, when growing naturally together, create a place where it is easy to see the Fey. Hawthorns were once believed to be the transformed bodies of Witches, who had shapeshifted into tree form. It is more likely that the spirit seen in the Hawthorn was that of a dryad or tree faery.

Oak - Legend tells us that "Faery folks are in the oaks". Oak trees are believed to provide safe havens and homes for many varieties of faery.

Apple- The bark of apple trees or the fruits themselves have the power to transport a true-hearted seeker to the Otherworld. Burn the bark as an offering to the Good Folk on Midsummer's night. Also used in faery love spells.


Bluebells - Said to attract faeries to dance in your garden.

Clover - A sacred faery plant, clovers of all kinds will attract them. Lay seven grains of wheat on a four-leafed clover to see the Faery.

Elderberry -Used to make Faery wine, these berries can be burned on a fire to invite the Good Folk to a gathering. Make a homemade brew of Elderberry Wine and you are sure to have some thirsty visitors. It is said that if a human drinks the wine, she will be able to see the Faery. If a human should drink Elderberry wine from the same goblet as a Faery being, he will be able to see them forever after. **Elecampagne - Also known as Elfswort, this root can be scattered around the home to attract the Sidhe. It can be added to any magick or spell to invoke Faery blessing.

Foxglove - The source of the modern heart drug Digitalis, Foxglove can have seriously dangerous results if taken internally. Instead, plant Foxglove near your front door to invite the Faery in. Put a dried sprig of Foxglove in a talisman to keep you surrounded in Faery light.

Heather - Heather is said to ignite faery passions and open portals between their world and our own.

Lilac - The sweet scent is said to draw Sprites to your garden.

<Mistletoe - The most sacred herb of the Druids, Mistletoe is a magickal activator. In Faery spells, use a dash of Mistletoe taken on Summer Solstice to empower your workings with Faery magick.

Peony - Peony seeds were once used to protect children from faeries. A garland of the seeds were placed around the child's neck to keep them safe from kidnapping. In this day and age, with faery contact so drastically diminished, I doubt that anyone would want to don this faery banishing herb unless they were living smack dab in the middle of a circle of crazed Pillywiggins!

Poppies - Said to invoke the faery into your dreams.

Primrose - When planted in a garden or hung dried on the front door, primroses will attract the company of Faeries. If you have them growing under your care, do not let them die! The Faerie will be deeply offended by your carelessness.

Roses - Roses attract the Faerie to a garden. Their sweet scent will lure elemental spirits to take up residence close by. Roses can be used in Faerie love spells. When performing the spell, sprinkle rose petals under your feet and dance softly upon them while asking the Faerie for their blessing on your magick.

Thyme - Wearing thyme will increase your ability to see the Sidhe. Sprinkle it at the base of your door, and on window sills to invite the Faerie to enter your home.

Happy Faery Sightings!

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