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Welcome To Dream It Up!

Thank you for visiting Dream It Up DreamCatchers!

Here at Dream it Up we make beautiful Cherokee DreamCatchers by hand and with ALL authentic and genuine materials.

These make great gifts for any occasion and also for any age. We price our DreamCatchers very reasonable and take great pride in making each one individual and to the customers specifics. This means YOU pick what will match YOUR specifics!

We offer many different and unusual materials that you will not find anywhere else that can be used on your DreamCatcher.

We offer genuine fur for these DreamCatchers. Some of the fur offered is; red fox, silver fox, grey fox, raccoon, black nutria, lynx, and coyote. We also have raccoon tails available as well. All furs were bought legally and we NEVER use or offer ANY endangered species fur.

We also offer a HUGE gem assortment for your healing or energy needs.

Heartline Bear charms, and genuine Buffalo Teeth as well are available.

Our feathers are also genuine and some used may be of different kinds of pheasant, duck, chicken, turkey, and guinia. We also use maribou feathers which have been dyed to give extra color.

If you are wanting a genuine dreamcatcher made, please feel free to email me at for more information.!

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