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So, you arn't confused enough already and now I threw out another word that makes no sense to you. So you are asking what 'divination' is now. This is a simple but yet kinda complexed question.

Divination is: The art of using magickal tools and symbols to gather information from the Collective, Unconscious, on the nature of people, places, things, and events in the past, present and future.

Merlin, Medicine men, Gypsy's they all read into the future. Now we have more modern people reading the future, but the sad thing is, we are looked at as hoaxes, fakes, or devil worshippers by most outsiders of the Craft.

So What Does That Mean?

Divination is the art of being able to read the future ie; fortune telling. So many people THINK they can do this and some actually pull it off and get paid for it. As Silver RavenWolf put it, and I agree with her, to many people are like, "Give me a dolla, I will burn a candle for you." Yeah, right.

There are many methods that I believe one can choose to work their magick, but *I* believe that if we have a art, we are born with it. I was born with ESP and it didn't let it develop until I was in my early 20's. I was scared to death of it and was afraid to see in the future once I started to 'see' things that were going to happen. I did it one time to many and quit developing it and socked it to the back of my mind. Now that I am older and practicing the Craft, I am learning to use it HOW and WHEN I want to. Oh, don't get me wrong, it did come in handy a few times. One night when I told my friend I had a bad feeling and 'saw' a car crash on our main road, I asked her to stay the night. She did and the next morning, sure enough at about the same time the night before, there had been a crash at the main intersection. We still talk about it to this day. My former husband still tells my fiancee of how he would just go ahead and answer the door and phone when I requested because, he knew it WAS going to happen.

What Are The Tools Used In Divination

There are many types of tools that can be used for diving purposes. Some of the more well known ones I will list.

Catomancy: Divination or fortune telling with cards. These can be with Tarot, Rune cards, Cartouche, (an Egyption symbolism system) playing cards, Karma cards, Medicine cards (which use animal symbolism), the new Phoenix deck (which I have and REALLY like) for past life readings and the Celtic Tree Oracle (based on plants and trees), etc...

Crystal Gazing: Sometimes referred to as scrying where the vehicle used is a crystal ball, a bowl of inked water, or a magick mirror.

Dowsing: Divination by the use of a pendulum, forked stick or a metal rod. Excellent for yes and no questions. A pendulum can be fasioned from fishing line with a small weight, or it can be a necklace with a crystal ball on the end. Dowsing is rather exciting because you can design your own charts for answers, and it is really a flexable tool.

Numerology: Divination by the use of numbers and calculations thereof. Anything from birthdate to dream analysis can be used. Tarotologists and astrologists often will use numerology to give a more complete reading.

Palm Reading: Divination by the examination of a persons hands.

Runes: Divination by the use of stones or ceramic squares inscribed with the Magickal alphabet of the Germanic, Scandinavian, or Norse symbols. Runes are excellent for dream analysis, spells, talismans, as well as general divination.

Graphology: The study of a individuals scrip or handwriting. This is extremely useful in webweaving and also adds to any other reading you may be doing.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what tools are used to 'see' the future. I use the Tarot, Phoenix Deck, ESP, and divining rods. I am hopefully going to learn scrying and Runes shortly.

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