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All About
Silver ShadowWolf

What is this woman all about you may ask. Well, I am a simple person who tries to understand all religions and I do not judge what others may or may not like to believe in or Practice. On the other hand, I have come across many that judge me for what I believe in. As an Eclectic Witch, I believe in the powers that I can gain and what powers I have. I believe that anyone can achieve the same powers, if they attune themselves to wanting it and practicing it.

People are afraid in what they have been taught is 'bad' or 'not normal'. For this I am sorry. I am truly sorry for their closed minds and that they can not think for themselves, and see that there is more out there then what is taught. Human drones maybe? I think unless you open your mind, and find out WHAT YOU LIKE other then what society would like you to like and be, that yes, you would be a drone.

I am such an ordinary person. I have two wonderful boys, and am a former foster parent.

I own a small farm in Cheney Kansas with my fiancee, Cal, and have many critters including 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 goats. We have a lovely 5 bedroom and 3 and 1/2 bath that sits in a wooded area with TONS of wildlife and trees.

I was born in 1964 and within the last few years or so, I have finally found a peace within myself that has been unsettled for a long time. I never exactly knew what I believed in but knew it wasn't going to be found in a x-tian world, thus I set forth to find what I was and who I wanted to be.

I am not a tree hugger as some would call me, and I am not a vegetarian either. Some people can't seem to distinguish Pagan or Wiccan with anything BUT being a tree hugger or vegetarian. Our family hunts and raises meat animals as well as growing our own fruits and vegetables. For some who choose to be vegetarian or tree huggers, so be it, that is your decision, and kudo's for you, but please do not lump me into it.

Some of my favorite things you might find me doing; barbequing, riding my horses, camping, fishing, anything that has to do with Law Enforcement, Nascar, collecting giraffes, Native American, making soaps, gardening in my veggie and flower gardens, woodburning, herb and flower gardens, and buying all new stuff for my new home...actually THAT is an excuse to go shopping! I also to like to collect my altar things, make Solstice items and other crafts, including Native American things.

I like watching Animal Planet, Court TV, The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, A&E Channel, History Channel, and Lifetime. Movies; I just love anything old, black and white, or mysteries. I also like John Wayne westerns, and suspense. One of my favorite movies is "Practical Magick." For once others shed us in a loving and not evil light in our communities. Other favorite movies would be "Pay It Forward", "Gone With The Wind", and "An Officer and A Gentleman". My favorite line, "There is no evil in the Craft."

As I stated about a billion times by now, I love anything that has to do with Law Enforcement. My mother was one of the first female sheriff deputies in the country. She retired from the sheriff's department and that is where I got my start. I poured over her books as a kid, fascinated with entry-exit wounds and matching what picture went with what bullet. I am almost done in college in which I am majoring CJA. I have a few friends that are LEO'S (Law Enforcement Officers), and it is always fun to sit around and talk 'shop' with them. I can report to you that there are some REALLY STUPID criminals!

I like being around down to earth people who know what and who they are in life. I love the gift of knowledge and soak up every bit I can like a sponge. One of my uncle's used to tell me, "The day you quit learning and expanding your knowledge is the day you actually die." So true he was with this saying. I am pathetic when it comes to books and always have my nose stuck in one. I enjoy reading my Craft books and other related books, as well as ANYTHING Criminal Justice. The local librarians know me by name, but are leery of me because of the books I check out IE: Witchcraft, Pagan, murder mysteries, criminal justice, etc... They must think I am plotting something! LOL What a combination! I like Steven King's writings most the time, Robin Cook, Dean Koontz, Michael Garrett, Silver RavenWolf, Scott Cunningham, Kerr Cuhulain, and Dorothy Morrison.

My family means so much to me, and to be honest, I realized just how special they all were when 'I came out' of my broom closet. Oh sure, my brothers crack jokes and my father doesn't fully understand it, but told me, "As long as you are not hurting anyone else or yourself, do what makes you happy...that we were raised to be our own person, not cloned drones of our parents." How lucky I am that I can carry the morals and judgments that I was taught by two wonderful parents as I walk my steady path!

My mother, father, and three brothers mean the world to me. My mother, who joined her Spirit World on Nov. 5th, 2000, is deeply missed by all my family and myself. My dad passed away and went forth to be by his loving wifes side on Dec. 11 2006 and he is still my hero, and always will be. Rest in peace mom and dad.

On my journey to where I have come to today I have seen many things from my past and have to stop and smell the flowers with a big smile, for I know just how lucky I am to have been raised and been included in such a loving and caring family.

I will never forget my mothers words to me "Do what makes you happy, but do it better then anyone else" or something close to that effect. I tell my children the same thing now. I was lucky to have such words of wisdom, and parents who were very active in everything all four of us kids were involved in.

I was blessed to marry my best friend in 2003. I am so honored that I had the time with him I had, and Darick, wherever you are behind the Veil, I love you and always will. Thank you for teaching me what true love is, what a most excellent marriage is and means, and how a gal needs to be treated. I am SO happy we walked our Path together, no matter how short it was. You will always and forever own a piece of my soul. It was an honor to be your wife, even for the short time we had together.

Through Darick I have learned a life with love and laughter. I have learned that going to the beach and holding hands shows a greater love then anything bought. Staying up late and talking, picnics, sitting next to him in the trucks, and just going to the park and laying next to him reading the newspaper makes me feel complete and whole. He is greatly missed and always will be. The Lord and Lady must have needed someone pretty damn special to take you as early as they did.

How to do this paragraph has bothered me. I don't want it to be tacky, and I don't want disclose anyone by name. So here it goes:

Before Darick my loves have been minimal to some, but even fewer hold a special part of my heart. They would have to be my children, my family, and a few men that I have shared time with; including Darick.

To love is a great gift; to BE truly loved back is even more powerful. The very few men that LOVED me and accepted me for myself and never 'tied me up' by 'tightening my halter'....thank you. My heart and soul will never forget the times passed and the smiles that came under full moons and the desert quietness. I can still feel your touches, and hear the crickets along with your whispers in the night.

There is so much more to me but can't be put into words directly. If I had to leave this life today, I would want to leave one message to those that knew me and judged me; I am and was the same person you knew and liked BEFORE I chose a religion to follow. I am the same daughter who loved to fish with her father and bake cookies with her mom. I am the same sister who fought with her brothers, but fiercely protected each of you when needed. I am the same lover who you shared your nights and secrets with. I am the same friend who shared everything about me and who only wanted acceptance for whom and what I was about.

Please do not take what one cares in and believes in and cast it aside because it is not what you believe of practice. Learn and understand those around you and like them for what they are inside, not for what "god" they choose to worship, the color of their skin, or the religion they choose to believe in.....that is ME and everyone around you.

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