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Dear Readers and Airlines & Airports Staff. My name is Craig, and I can't see too well and can't hear too well. I went to the School For The Blind in Halifax, and my eye sight is see about 5%. I am from Goulds, Nfld, and I live in Halifax , Nova Scotia now.I am interested in many airlines and airports around the world. Please send me some history books, brochures about airports, airlines and their old and new aircrafts in the old days to 2000 (brochures wrote in English, Franch, and other languages worldwide)., map of the runways, airport, gate terminals., video, wall posters, postcards, photos of the airport and airlines old and new aircrafts., and some stickers, safety cards,pens, folders, t-shirts(medium), flight bags, calendars with airports and airlines logo etc. I collect brochures etc for my World Hobby Collection. Please contact me for my name and address. Thank you.