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This site was born 1\2\2002

First released in October 1985 as Yosei Florence (Fairy Florence)
in Japan by a partership of Masami Hata and Sanrio,
the film was dubbed in English that same year and re-titled A Journey Through Fairyland.

A Journey Through Fairyland is an anime that , from what I have seen has a little fan following on the internet but that most donít remember. I watched it from a very young age (Along with Unico) and still watch it today.
Think of Fantastia, only with flowers, magic, and a great plot about what is truly at the heart of all music. It wasnít just a little film anime with a cameo appearance by Hello Kitty(Athough that was a good touch too) it was meant to tell a mortal that only a true music lover could understand:).

For an anime movie that said so much about one person's worth in a world of music I think there should be at least one fan site about it, so Iíve made this one! Small and static as I know it is, I hope to tell as much as I can about the movie, and clear up some foggy memories.

Just draw three rings around your feet with the Septer Wand..

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