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Starfire's Hidden Midnight Meadow

In a dark grassy meadow cloaked in moonlight there is a egg in a warm nest of leaves.

Shining like a jewel, the egg is the size of four human hands and unlike anything common known to the world.

It is the egg of the gentle magic beast Neevia and has been given a loving home in our valley...

Suddenly the egg starts to move and crack with a life of it's own! You gasp and step back in wonder...for it is a cute little blue female foal, just born!

She lets out a tiny nicker and looks up at you with clear blue eyes...


My, it's been a while since you last vist, hasn't it?
Look how much little Starfire has grown!

"Why hello there!" Starfire says and begans to eat wild grass.
Starfire has grown into a nice lady Neevia!
I hope one day she will have a mate and eggs of her own in her hidden grassy meadow cloaked in moonlight...

Neevia's CareTaker:Moonstar

Neevia's Name:Starfire

Neevia's Age:Adult

Adopted From:

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Number of travelers that have visted Starfire: