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Pull up a beanbag chair and enjoy my reading room:)

All fics here so far are written by me, if you have a My Little Pony story you would
like me to be posted on my site just e-mail me:).

The My Little Baby Pony:Starlight Quest Movie Trailer!
Read this before MLBP:SQ, I think you may like it!

My Little Baby Pony:Starlight Quest

Part 1

Part 2
(Work in progress)
The baby ponies star in a magical story
that will take them to the edges of their dreams and beyond,
fighting for the surival of land home to a mystical race of
crystal eyed ponies, that seem to know Ember!

The Dragon Prince

A past story in the world of dragons and young queens

My Little Soldier: Sailor Moon
Evil has'nt a chance as long as we in ponyland have a hero..well, sort of.

The Uncanny X-Ponies
They are feared for being different, but are they really?

The Tale Of The Sunfire Dratini
In Tabby's verison of ponyland: Alchemy, Cloud Puff, Gusty,
and Cotton Candy get into trouble
when Moonstar, in her endless search for a Dratini,
brings them into battle with a Gyarados!
Will their friendship and their Pokemon be enough to save them?