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    Yao/Iu Mien woman
    USA IU MIEN [Mienh]
    Generally speaking, the Iu Mien, or Mienh in America are happy, especially the younger generations, they can speak the language well. Therefore, they are taking full advantages of the freedom. Many Iu Mien today are well educated and have decent careers. We have Iu Mien business owners, doctors, lawyers, teachers, home builders, and engineers. But we have no Representative in the White House, nor a Rocket Scientist yet. We continue to AIM HIGH and we hope some day 'time' will get us there.

    Unfortunately, many Iu Mien baby-boomers are having trouble finding jobs due to the language barrier and lack of education. Many are struggling to make ends meet. In addition, the majority of our elders (60+) suffer the most; they can not speak, read, or write English. For this reason, these old folks are forced to stay home to help look after their grand-children. American Iu Mien are no different than the typical proletariat. Almost all Iu Miens in the USA are from Laos, or Thailand, but their ancestors were originally from China. The middle age group of Iu Mien are highly influenced by Lao/Thai songs, music, and other Lao/Thai entertainments.

    Historic change for the USA:
    Today 11-04-2008 is happened to be an Election Day for the US. I have just witnessed one of the biggest changes in the US History today. That is: Democratic Senator Barack Obama has been elected as the next US president. "Change has come to America" says Obama. After being elected the first black president of the United States (44th US president).

    Our Iu Mien History:
    Today, the Iu Mien [Yao] population world wide three millions plus, with the majority still living in the Mainland China. Iu Mien now spread throughout Southeast Asia, and about 45,000 settled in the USA. In America we called ourselves Iu Mien instead of Yao. Iu, which derived from Yao and [Mien], which means [people]; Thus, (Iu Mien) is (Yao People.) The Yaos were known as far back as 5th BC. According to, "the Yaos have an age-old revolutionary tradition. As early as the Han Dynasty, they fought feudal imperial oppression. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, they waged more rebellions against their Han rulers. Still later, in the 15 years from 1316 to 1331, they launched more than 40 uprisings. The largest revolt lasted for a century from 1371. The frightened Ming (1368-1644) emperors had to send three huge armies to conquer the rebels." Read More..

    Post War:
    By mid to late 1800's, tens of thousands of Yaos fled China headed West toward North Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, with the passport called 'Guoshan Bang' - passport for crossing the mountains. For more than 200 years, we Iu Mien have lost contact with those living in the Mainland, China.

    My Trip to China ~ The First US Mien Youth Delegation to China ~

    On this page, you will see many different photos of Yao's unique fashion and their dancing styles. You will also see photos of The Great Wall, The Beijing University, and more. My delegates and I have met many Yao people in China, some live and work in the cities as government officials, others live in the farms far from the city. Yaos who live in the big cities can speak Cantonese and Mandarin well. In Guang Dong province, we visited the two Yao dominant counties, Liannan & Lianshan. We also met some Yao ladies who work in Shen Zhen (across from Hong Kong), they were from Guongxi. You will also find their pictures on this page. Read More..

    Do not write in red ink. It will displease the recipient. ~ Red Ink interprets threat and/or violence.
    1. Do not kill, or take away one's life 3. Do not commit adultery, or cheat 5. Do not take alcohol, or drugs
    2. Do not steal, or commit corrupt act 4. Do not tell lies, or be deceptive 6. Do not gamble, or prostitution

    What's Iu Mien/Yao? ~ Learn the Mien culture, history, beliefs ~

    Yao, is an autonomous group, or a self-government group, is an ethnic minority from Western China. The majority of Yaos live in Guangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, GuiZhou. Hundreds of years ago, Yao people had a big conflict with the Hans over some kind of unfair matter. After the bloody war, the majority of Yao chose to do farming in the mountains, known as land of the Yao people, which later known as the Southwestern China. Yaos were very unsettling during the 1300's; high number of them were believed to have been killed during the war. The Yao is believed to be one of the few oldest tribes living in China. * For Yao Nationality in China, visit

    Daoist Beliefs PAN GU = Bienh Gouv (Hungh)
    He was the legendary King

    The Primeval Lord of Heaven : King Pan(Pangu)
    "QUOTE" As one of the Three Pristine Ones1, the Primeval Lord of Heaven2 is one of the highest divinities of Daoism. He was born from the Vital Breath3 of Spontaneity4 in the Anterior Supreme Non-Being5. Initially, he was called the Primeval King of Heaven6. The Book of Pillow Secrets7 by Ge Hong of the Eastern Jin dynasty says: "In the great chaos before Yin and Yang divided, no form existed. Without Heaven and Earth, and the sun and moon, it was like a choatic and blackist-yellow8 egg. But already, Perfect Man Pangu, as the essence of the universe, called himself the Primeval King of Heaven and existed freely there. After creating Heaven and Earth by dividing them, the Primeval King of Heaven discarded his body and traveled with his brilliant spirit throught the heavens. Seeing the Holy Maiden of Supreme Origin9 and loving her purity, he transformed into blue light and entered her mouth. Carried by the Holy Maiden for twelve years, he was born out of her back. Whether moving on still, speaking or silent, he was always surrounded by colorful clouds. Because in his former life he was Pangu and the Primeval King of Heave, he was called the Primeval Lord of Heaven. The Comprehensive Mirro of the Perfect Immortals Who Embodied the Dao10 explained his name as follows: "(the character) Yuan means origin; (the character) Shi means the beginning. The Original Vital Breath11, transforming into the man who created the world, becomes Pangu; transforming into the patriarch who rules Heaven, he becomes the Primeval Lord of Heaven. "UNQUOTE" Read More..

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