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General Class Policy

All of us have our own styles and paces of learning. Some of us like to take a problem and work at it until we solve it. Some of us like to attack the problem as a team. Some of us work better in a quiet place and some of us prefer background noise. The List goes on.


In order for us to learn, we need to create a warm and orderly environment, especially in a class of thirty-something people. If we all observe some rules, the class can function effectively and every one will benefit. So, welcome to the class and enjoy your learning.


The GOLDEN RULE: You are responsible for your learning, your behavior, and your work.


I. Homework

There will be daily assignments which will be due at the start of the next class meeting. Each assignments must be labeled:

Top Right hand corner

Your name (first last) Row#

Date assigned Period

Course tittle

Middle of page: what is the assignment? Page #, problems

Papers turned in with incorrect headings are not graded or downgraded. Incomplete assignments are also downgraded. Assignments are expected to be completed before leaving on trips, scheduled activities, and athletic events.

Daily work will be assigned and graded. Class time will be given so that students may start the assignment and receive help if needed. Students who choose not to use class time to begin the assignments will receive and "L" on that assignment and will not be allowed to hand it in. Students must do the daily work to be successful in the class.

II. Course Materials

1. Every student must have a three ring hard cover binder 1" or larger

2. Binder dividers

3. #2 pencils, blue or black pens, an another color pen for grading

4. Ruler (cm and inches)

5. Scientific calculator

6. Textbook

7. Lined and graph papers

8. Geometry student only - compass and protractor

Please arrange your binder and divider tabs in the following order: Grades, Notes, Assignments, Test/Quiz, and Supplies.

III. Make Ups

Arrangements for late papers are the student's responsibility. All late assignments, tests, quizzes and projects (except long term) due to excused absence, will be accepted for full credit any time within the x amount of school days (x=number of school days of absence). Afterwards a zero of F will be recorded. Absence make ups must be marked "Absent" in the top middle of the page. All late assignments (homework's and projects) are valued at half score and you are allowed only one day late. If you have an unexcused absence, you cannot make up the work for that day.

In the middle of the page and in very large letters, write the word "Absent" and your reasons why.

Extra Credit

Extra credit assignments are given at the teacher's discretion. You are encouraged to pursue your interest in any area of mathematics; however the work you turned in must be yours and not someone else's. The extra credit scores are used to calculate your semester grades only and you need to keep a tally of what you turned in.

V. Assessments

You can expect a quiz on a regular basis. There will be announced and unannounced quizzes. Quizzes are based on class discussions, homework, and materials covered in the textbook.

Tests will be given at the end of every chapter and will be cumulative. First semester final is cumulative and the second semester final is cumulative including topics from the first semester.

All test and quiz make ups will be the student's responsibility to handle with in the required number of days to avoid penalty. No late quiz or tests allowed. I do not return assessment papers until all students have taken them within the allowed time.

VI. Attendance

You have ten seconds to be in your assigned seat after the bell rings. If you are not, you will be counted as tardy and each tardy will result in a detention, except for excused tardies. After three tardies, you will get either Friday or Saturday school and a referral letter. If you are tardy, write me a note stating that you are tardy; if not, you will be marked absent. Excessive tardies will result in a decrease in your overall grade.

Do not stand around the door before the bell rings; be in your seats until I dismiss you.

If you were absent, you are responsible to find out what you missed and then make them up within the allowed time.

VII. Grading

Periodically, I will post up grades; any discrepancies must be reported on the same day during my office hours. Please bring, with you, your work supporting evidence. Your score will not change without your work. So, keep all your assignments.

If you need to discuss your grades or individual scores, bring up your binder with your score records updated and your work. I will not discuss your grades if you don not have your records.

The percentage break down for every sixth week progress reports are: To be announced

Here are the grade cut off: A 90%-100% B 80%-89% C 70%-79% D 60%-69% F < 60%

VIII. Cheating

I DO NOT tolerate cheating! Refer to your student handbook for the explanation of the academic code of conduct. If you are caught cheating in this class, you will receive a F or a zero for that specific assignment. A offense will result will result in a zero AND a referral letter to be placed in the student's file.

Copying classwork and homework is cheating. You are encouraged to ask students for help but your work must be your own.

X. Teacher Availability

After school and lunch will be used for help, make-ups, and student-teacher conferences. A sign-up sheet is on the clip board on the teacher's desk to let me know you are coming. Be sure to come early if you need help or have and difficulty. If you need me, try looking in F-3, the Auto Shop area (F-5), or in the Math Office (B-9).

My office hours are: Most lunches, except for club meetings, and 3-3:30 PM.

XI. Letters of Recommendation

In the future, you might want me to write a letter of recommendation for you. I require a notice of one month in advance and a brag sheet. You should fully participate in class and show me your positive character and personality. If I don't know who you are, then I can't write you an effective letter of recommendation. Come and talk to me about what you do outside of class.