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Grades Link

This is the part of the site where you can find out your updated grade. In order to use the site, you must know your student number and also your original book number (the one assigned to you). If you know both your student number and book number, follow the steps bellow.


  1. Click on the period number of the class you are currently in
  2. First, type in your student number in the student id box
  3. Now type in a dash after the student number
  4. Then type in your book number after the dash
  5. Your password will be exactly the same as your login name
  6. You can copy your login name and paste it into the password box
  7. Click on the login button and it will take you to another page
  8. Click on the link named "Student Summary"
  9. This is where you you can find your updated grade

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