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Our Mission

Vehicle Rubber Supplier and Custom Rubber Manufacturer for Hard-To-Find Parts

Company Profile

For two decades Karr Rubber Mfg. has produced rubber parts (extrusions and molds) for automobile and marine uses wherever quality was needed. Restorers, repair shops, suppliers, hobbyists, and collectors come to us, especially for hard to find parts. Our company can create volume or individual parts at modest cost. Refer to diagrams to identify the type of item you want, then call our sales department. If we cannot supply you from our inventory of extrusions and molded parts, we may be able to reproduce your parts. Continue on for additional information.

Contact Information

Please note that all orders must be prepaid before we can schedule our die manufacturing or mold making, and extrusion work. We do not ship COD or Net-Thirty payment. We work hard to create accurate parts based on customers’ samples, or made from existing molds and dies. Once work has begun, no refunds are permitted. Most parts are custom-made at KARR RUBBER MANUFACTURING.

Postal address
133 Lomita Street, El Segundo, CA 90245
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