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Silent Hill has a very good story to it, but if you don't pay attention to it you'll probably just be confused and not like the game. So here is the story for those of you who couldn't understand it...
(I got the story from another website I agree with all that he says though...)
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>>Dark Illumination<<

Silent Hill
This is a document which is to be read by those who have completed the Konami Game
Silent Hill on all different settings and have viewed all four endings. It gives away entire
plots and themes to the game in a single organized matter which can only be discovered
through hours of play of Silent Hill. I suggest to those who have not beaten the game on
all settings to not read this document.

I must also add the complexity and organization of this document is scrambled, and hard
to place together. But if you have played this game I am sure you understand why the
logic to this reasoning is scrambled as well.

Many of the first questions I came across after completing this game were based on reality
Vs existence. What was real, what was created from the mind. Through getting the “bad”
ending it shows Harry in his Jeep at the end of the game, bleeding from the head knocked
out possibly dead. Which obviously makes us believe that this occurred all in his head.
Yes quite possibly. But that makes such a dense game with so little plot, pointless. Its
plot would be as important as Mario Brothers II from the NES. It all existed within a
dream, within one mind. Would such a dark game be based from something like that? I
doubt it. To me that ending is the comforting way out, and escape of future questioning.
For the weak minds which do not understand the concept of depth and thought past what
can be seen. What lies past the truth. Even to the unanswerable question of existence.
But aren’t all failures fulfilled with death? And with death failure occurs?
I think that the game could be real, or could exist all within the mind of Harry Mason.
Usually I think it is more psychological the realistic. First of all, it would be pointless
having all of these events occur if they actually weren't happening, but then again maybe
Silent Hill is trying to prove the insanity of existence, reality, and what we create in our
minds and what actually exists around us. It questions the ability of humans to separate
our minds from reality.
In the Library at the school there is a book which describes how teenage females
are most likely to be able to have dreams which can come to life. The books Title is "The
Monster Lurks" also in the bath room on the wall it says "The Monster Lurks, Leonard
Rhine" What the heavy writing is trying to point out in this book when read, is that in the
minds of young adolescent girls (I am assuming age 14 the age of Alessa at present time in
the game) darkness can become reality through their nightmares.
Sheryl (Unknown last name as she was adopted. Mason was her adopted name)
was born at the same instance Alessa died in the fire at the age of 7. Alessa was very
strong with magical influence which was later identified as a hereditary trait from Dahlia
Gelespie. Possibly this magical influence was created by White Claudia use. I would like
to identify what I believe is White Claudia’s role in this dense plot now. As it shows up as
a strong base all through out my theory and story line.

The Town it self used to be small and linked together in a cult. Nothing ever went in or
out of the town. Only occasionally a few younger people left the town and were
supposedly “summoned away by the God’s” The only reason that this cult lived on was:
1. There were no Outside influences coming into silent Hill.
2. White Claudia was being used as a hallucinogen for Religious ceremonies.

A reason why the game is so back and forward, and just not clear, is because Harry is
constantly being put into two different worlds. Two separate mental sets which have the
same base ground and lay out. Yet one is a nightmarish hell, rusted industrial wasteland
which many would consider to be hell itself. And the other an abandoned town,
possessing physically altered durability. Blocked off streets. Skin less dogs and winged
demons. The only source where I can remember such creatures coming from were
nightmares as a child. From a child, Alessa. In her sleep which he shall awaken from once
the mark of Samael is completed. Just like a loading bar. But these two worlds I can
identify as two separate states of consciousnous.
1. Consciousnous is light. It is soberness. Or the corruption of it, as Harry falls into, and
out of intoxication.
2. Sub consciousnous is darkness, or intoxication. Everything is dark with realization and
is completely different. It is more of a nightmare than reality, and is an affect that White
Claudia most likely produces.

"This is more like Reality becoming a Nightmare."

The reason again there are two different worlds, is Harry starts to appear and disappear at
random from Alessa’s dreams which the darkness or greater evil creates. Darkness is the
key to making the unrealistic delusions of drug affects in the mind, into realistic physical
events through the mind of a “young adolescent girl”

“White Claudia = Darkness’ weapon to alter thoughts into reality”

If you can influence an entire town into thinking the same thing by the use of one drug,
physical effects can take place. Darkness must first take over the mind, before it can take
over the body.

Now the question is “How is White Claudia used?”

At the very start of the game, right as Harry crashes his jeep by dodging Alessa, what
starts to happen? Snow I believe. When? In the middle of Summer as Kaufman exclaims
how it is snowing at “This time of the year”. Snow is white. And obviously by the name
White Claudia is as well. Strange how it dissolves and does not stick to the ground either.
And it is only in that condition during the “light” segments of the game. Perhaps that isn’t
snow. I think it is White Claudia itself. Alessa's Nightmare is making White
Claudia so Ambient Around Silent hill so that everyone may fall under its influence into
mental darkness. Samael living in a completely unconscious nightmarish world probably
has abilities to alter minor things in the real world. Like Releasing the white Claudia
possibly. He does have half of Alessa’s original soul or power. Another theory I have
come up with on how White Claudia was possibly taken was through a drink containing
the crushed up powder of the plant dissolved in water. In many of the dark worlds there
are empty cans laying around, especially in areas of death or violence, blood, corpses,
negativity. Perhaps these canisters held White Claudia? Which makes me wonder about
the water supply of the town. Or what these cans are supposed to be. Also Kaufman
distributed a lot of White Claudia around in the bay area, it was found in the safe of
Indian runner, as well as in the Motel or mentioned in a journal at least. Mainly these cans
were seen through out the school and hospital. Also at the “Other Church” and the 3rd
floor of no where, there was a shrine and a cup looking item in the middle of it. Which
also held White Claudia I am guessing. Maybe the vapors of this drug can be inhaled, and
ingested. I am not certain. No one can be.

In a few other places its as if the area just changes suddenly. In the hospital when Harry
can not find a way around on the 2nd and 3rd floor. So instantly when you re-enter the
elevator a 4th floor appears. In the school on the 1st floor bath room in the dark world he
enters the girls bath room, and when exits is on the 2nd floor. Are these mental lapses in
Harry's memory? Perhaps as most drugs do cause memory distortion as it affects
consciousness, Harry forgets or does not notice where he is, and does not realize that he
actually went out of his way to get where he was. And it is just not recollected and
produced as an outcome in the game. Metal disorders or malfunctions in behavior could
be a result of White Claudia. I like this theory more than “its some kind of warp gate”.

S.H. alludes to Alice in Wonderland in several places. The 4 plates in the hospital of
various characters. And also the idea of dreams becoming reality in the minds of "Young
adolescent Females" Further investigation could be done but I have not read Alice In
Wonderland myself. But I know the book has several references to drug usage. And so
does S.H.

This is all the evidence I found as White Claudia use as the main cause of the darkness in
this game.

When Alessa was nearly killed in the fire Dahlia brought her to the hospital and probably
put some type of life preserving spell to keep her alive. She probably lost half of her soul
or power because of the fire. And they salvaged the rest of her soul and preserved it in the
basement of the hospital. The missing power was passed onto Cheryl at the hospital when
she was born there. Upstairs in the light. The hospital was not what was keeping her
alive, but the darker evil or “him” who existed in her nightmares and fed off of them was
her life source. Alessa's Nightmares Are The Awakening of Samael. And she would end
up dying since there is no power to keep her burned body alive. "I kept putting new
bandages on, but every time puss and blood would just keep oozing over them. What is
keeping her alive? She just doesn't die". Forcing her to live an endless nightmare which
had just spread to the minds of others, as soon as Cheryl, the other half of the soul arrived
in his grasp where he could become something of reality, rather than a figure haunting one
girl in nightmarish delusions.
The journal that Lisa Garland dropped as well as the video tape that Harry finds shows
that she was in care of Alessa and existed in her own dark world. At first she did not
remember anything about the basement, which could help prove the memory gaps which
occur during the drug use itself. Later on she did remember everything about it. And it
was in fact her on the video tape, and her journal that you find near the end of the game.
And that clearly states out in two words “Need Drug” that she was a willful White Claudia
user. She also talked about how we all are dark. "I just never noticed it before" Self
realization is usually a dark event as we find that we are evil.

A conclusion but not an end to this plot, is finally some one takes Sheryl and left her on
the side of a road outside of Silent Hill for her own protection in knowledge of the evils to
come. Harry Mason then adopts her. Seven years later, returns to Silent Hill on a
vacation leave and then we all know what happens.

A possible good, or light which guides Harry through this. And perhaps is what saved
Cheryl and moved her from the hospital could have been one of the seven angels I have
found below.

The Seals Of The Seven Angels Who Rule Over The Provinces Of Heaven.

1.Seal of Aratron, the alchemist, who commanded
seventeen million six hundred and forty thousand spirits.

2.Seal of Bethor, who commanded twenty-nine
thousand legions of spirits.

3.Seal of Phaleg, the War-Lord.

4. Seal of Och, the alchemist, physician and magician.

5. Seal of Hagith, transmuter of metals, and
commander of four thousand legions of spirits.

6. Seal of Ophiel, who commanded one hundred
thousand legions of spirits.

7.Seal of Phul, lord of the powers of the Moon and
supreme lord of the waters.

My next real question is what is the religion or purpose behind these symbols and angels?
Obviously they must be something from the light that is protecting or helping Harry along
his fateful journey through the mind twisting drug influenced realms of light and darkness.
It is possibly the greater order which is keeping Harry from “Wandering around at
random” My first time through I thought that these symbols held cult meanings and
nothing to do with angels. More evil than good. But it may be in fact that it is one of
“Lights” only weapons in the darkness. A shine of religion to break through darkness and
evils of the nightmares which were produced within the mind of Alessa, and to the point of
reality through the darkness, the cult, the usage, of White Claudia through which he the
darker evil awakens from the mind to physical form by either hallucinations or mind
control. If there is going to be dark, the forces of light will exist to repel it.
“The Light of the Future”
“The Light Illuminating the dark”

Here are some more ideas, and some I am still foggy on. This document is not permanent.
And I would be interested in seeing how it will change with the combination of foreign
thoughts other than my own.

One main point to this game I still do not get is what exactly is the red liquid? I know its
something That Kaufman has stirred up as it was found in his office, and he was hiding it
all over. Maybe its a counter agent For White Claudia, that is why it could fight against
the evil that took over Cybil. It is a definite good source. But then at the very end it ends
up turning Alessa Into Samael itself ultimate Power. Now that my mind is turning on this,
maybe it broke through and separated out Alessa/Sheryl’s complete soul from Samael him
self. Which would still make it a good thing. I think it was called the ampoule a name
close to that. This is the thing I am most uncertain about in this game. The Mark of
Samael (pentagrams and such) I think just represent the % of darkness that has
dominated the town. how Much the town is converted into darkness. Its is unreal in its
early states but becomes more real towards the end when the entire town goes into
darkness. I think the darkness is at %100 when you reach the last room where you fight
Alessa’s and Sheryl’s combined souls to have Samael awaken and become and evil God.

For Darkness to Spread you must be experienced to darkness (white Claudia) but once
darkness takes over your mind it then becomes a reality. (Much how Samael Had to grow
in Alessa's nightmares. He needed Sheryl's Soul to escape into reality) Perhaps Harry is
fighting in his mind? And then in Reality once The Darkness has spread enough. After
that happens he has complete
control over all the humans in the town, and even the town itself. The larger % of
darkness the town is = the amount of control or power Samael has over it.

This is why Dalhia didn't want the mark to be completed. Alessa/Samael would have
complete Power over everything. Dalhia wanted a piece of the power too, so that is why
she used Harry to capture Alessa. Dalhia Just wanted her title as "The Mother Of God".

I just thought that he died because he was doing things that "cult members" didn't like. He
was probably a threat to Samael. Lisa Garland talked about how a lot of
people involved in developing the town died in accidents. They were probably all threats
to Samael or White Claudia use as well. Dalhia was a dealer of White Claudia, and
probably was connected to Gucci's Death. She probably was involved in all of those
deaths of developers too.

A few rooms used in the game have 4 chairs. Each chair is facing another, which is in turn
facing another. Finally the last chair is facing the door. This is something I relate to most
social orders to. Some one is always following and watching another, while the person
they are looking/following is only following another. Even though we have our leaders
and followers, they are only following another. And finally the one that may reside at top
is only looking for an escape from the following or circles which may surround him.
Similar to a chair looking at a chair looking at a chair looking at a chair looking at a door,

Strange creatures of darkness are seen in both the school, and in the hospital. Which
resemble similar humanistic traits but still look like something out of a nightmare. Demon
nightmarish children. And Doctors and Nurses which have something that looks like a
nightmarish parasitic darkness which broods and takes control of these humans by
attaching to their spines. It is uncertain how these things got there but there are two
possible explanations.

1. The existed there from the start, and could feed off of darkness and take over the
body. Lisa Garland talked about how I was no different than them, but were they always
the same?

2. Or some how they are put into the body, similar to the Aliens idea of the face hugger.

I am more certain on the 1st idea as it makes more sense to me. Maybe it is something
within in us which takes similar form when a level of darkness or power is achieved.
When enough energy is present to be put into darkness it can then take over, and control
the human mind it self.