strobeabL: you missed our crotch shot pictures
riced00d: haha yeah
riced00d: fucking work
strobeabL: and bad boys 2
strobeabL: when i say bad boys 2
riced00d: haha
strobeabL: i mean gino and wang
riced00d: hahah
strobeabL: we all drove at least once today
strobeabL: hardcore
riced00d: haha
strobeabL: i'll show you what we did
strobeabL: peter wanted to play lotr
strobeabL wants to send file dddorks.wmv.
riced00d received D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\download\riced00d\dddorks.wmv.
strobeabL wants to send file goodbye2u.mpg.
riced00d: haha
riced00d: whatcha doig tomorrow
strobeabL: don't know
strobeabL: what about you
riced00d: haha
riced00d: i get off at work at 4
riced00d: so, im gonna get the gride
riced00d: and go buy macbeths with ron
riced00d: cuz its his last day
strobeabL: aw mang
riced00d: i'll pick you up if you want
riced00d: i gotta go home early cuz he needs to pack up
strobeabL: oh ok
strobeabL: i'll see
strobeabL: thanks for the invite nig
riced00d: haha
riced00d: aite
riced00d: are you going to frisco with steve and all?
strobeabL: nope
strobeabL: wasn't invited
riced00d: hehe
riced00d: me neither
strobeabL: and i don't know how to make cakes
strobeabL: bitch
riced00d: hahahh
riced00d received D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\download\riced00d\goodbye2u.mpg.
strobeabL: who's coming tomorrow
riced00d: i think its just me ron and rich
riced00d: everyones goiong to "the paaaartyyyy"
strobeabL: ok
strobeabL: who's everyone
strobeabL: steven
riced00d: yeah.
riced00d: aw.
riced00d: haha
strobeabL: YAW
strobeabL: girl slumber party
strobeabL: what did you guys do tonight
riced00d: haha nothing
strobeabL: your home back early
riced00d: we're doing hw
strobeabL: WHACK
strobeabL: don't use that word around me during break EVER
riced00d: yeah
riced00d: hahaha
riced00d: break's over BROTHA
strobeabL: AW
riced00d: we're all gonna die
strobeabL: that hella sucks
riced00d: yeah
riced00d: fuck
riced00d: 2 more days man wtf
riced00d: this was the best winter break ever
strobeabL: yeah
strobeabL: *tear
riced00d: i feel that if it were to end, so would my life
strobeabL: awwwwww
strobeabL: we should've gotten a picture of all of us
strobeabL: man
strobeabL: that was worth every lecture/yelling at from the parents
riced00d: yeah
riced00d: you're right man.
riced00d: i love you guys.
strobeabL: *group hug*
strobeabL: listening to screaming infidelities out of coincidence
strobeabL: it's making me tear up
riced00d: hahah
riced00d: damnit dude
riced00d: its gonna be worse...
riced00d: when our last vacation comes up during the summer...
riced00d: i dont wanna think about it
strobeabL: me neither
riced00d: maaaaaaaaaan
strobeabL: i know!
riced00d: we gotta make our senior year hella worth it
strobeabL: yeah
strobeabL: fuck
riced00d: these next few months
strobeabL (2:30:40 AM): man
cAppUgInO 9 (2:30:43 AM): i know
strobeabL (2:30:46 AM)
: our vacation is ending dude
cAppUgInO 9 (2:30:50 AM): i know!
cAppUgInO 9 (2:31:20 AM)
: this sucks ass
cAppUgInO 9 (2:31:43 AM)
: no more sleep-at-threeish
strobeabL (2:31:55 AM)
: no more sleep at 8-ish
strobeabL (2:31:57 AM): in the morning
cAppUgInO 9 (2:31:58 AM): no more wash-dishes-at-oneish
strobeabL (2:32:02 AM)
: i know!
strobeabL (2:32:03 AM): crap
cAppUgInO 9 (2:32:04 AM): hahaha
: god
strobeabL: we've went all out
riced00d: hahah
cAppUgInO 9 (2:32:41 AM): anywayz
cAppUgInO 9 (2:32:49 AM)
: no more wangfeast
: haha
strobeabL: :'(
strobeabL: man!
strobeabL: that was like the first thing we did too
riced00d: yeah
riced00d: the start of it all
riced00d: i tried
riced00d: so hard
strobeabL: thanks a lot wang
riced00d: yesterday
riced00d: to recall everything we did
riced00d: but its so hard
riced00d: because we did so much
strobeabL: time to download more depressing "going back to school/leaving you" songs
riced00d: haah
strobeabL: so looooooon sweet winter
riced00d: haha
strobeabL: god!
strobeabL: what's with all these depressing dashboard songs playing
strobeabL: "this ruined puzzle"
strobeabL: what a coincidence
riced00d: hahah
riced00d: damn this aint right
riced00d: i think imma go home now
riced00d: i'll see you online later
strobeabL: home
strobeabL: where are you now
riced00d: stevens
strobeabL: oh
strobeabL: wth
riced00d: yeah
riced00d: all that time
strobeabL: is he weeping like a girl too
riced00d: haha
riced00d: hha naw
riced00d: hes playing mortal kombat with rich
strobeabL: no emotion
riced00d: hahha
strobeabL: only that killer instinct
riced00d: hah
strobeabL: gino eva and i are sobbing like little girls
riced00d: haha
strobeabL: wth!
strobeabL: "only gift that i need"
strobeabL: i'll wait for spring, to bring you to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
riced00d: hahah
strobeabL: try to give me hope will ya
strobeabL: *punches monitor
riced00d: haha