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Where to begin? At the beginning, I guess.

How many of you remember Orlando the Axe? ::raises hand:: Well, I'm guessing most of you don't remember him, but he played Myth a while ago. He was also the author of the popular map "Dragon Ball Z" (25th map at The Mill) and the very creative map "It'z the CheeZ." He also was the first person to write a review at The Mill. Cool, huh?

Anyway, Orlando the Axe is my friend and he said that he had a map that he started, but didn't finish. He had a colormap and a basic displacement map, but that was it. So he let me take his colormap and height map and finish the map for him. So, please understand, the colormap (which is very very nicely done) and the height map were done by Orlando the Axe.

The map is set in a desert environment, with some rocky cliffs (which provide nice height advantages). Be sure to check out the screenshots below. This map is one of the most fun maps I have ever played. What makes this map so fun? Well, Orlando the Axe came up with the mesh variants, and the unit combinations make for some interesting (and very very fun) gameplay.

There are 4 meshes included in A Buried Hope (start/max):

A Buried Hope - 4 starts. 8/16 Warriors, 6/12 Archers, 4/8 Ghols, 3/6 Dwarves, 2/4 Heron Guards, 2/4 Fetch, and 0/1 Wight. 

A Buried Desire - 4 starts. 12/24 Berskerks, 8/16 Myrkridia, 3/6 Fetch, 2/4 Dwarves, 1/1 Walock, and 1/1 Trow.

Buried Under (OverKiLL) - 2 starts. 30/42 Mauls, 20/40 Berkerk Heroes, 10/20 Archer Heroes, 10/20 Dwarven Heroes (with 99 satchels), 10 Journeymen (untradeable), 10 Wights (untradeable), 8/16 Warlock Heroes, 4/4 Mahir, 1 King (untradeable), 1 Shiver (untradeable).

A Buried Dwarf - 15 starts. Each team gets 1 to 8 Dwarven Heroes (with 99 satchels) depending on difficulty, as follows: Timid-1, Simple-2, Normal-4, Heroic-5, Legendary-8.

Each of the four meshes has ALL game types available except for Hunting and Stampede. By the way, Orlando the Axe insisted that the dwarven heores have 99 satchels each. Remember that. =) 

One thing.... if you play Deathmatch on Buried Under (OverKiLL), you run the risk of crashing the game. 99 satchels each dwarf, remember. Can you say "chain reaction?" ::crash::

Buried Under (OverKiLL) is easily the most fun because of the HUGE explosions that occur. There is always a big explosion in every single game on this mesh. It occurs either from chain reactions (20 dwarves, each with 99 satchels, hehe), shiver's death blast, the 10 wights that each team gets, or a dispersal dream from one of the kings. It's very fun. Trust me.

Find me on (my name is Captain Pringle) and I'll gladly play with you on this or any other map. If you want, you can e-mail me to set up a meeting time also. I am sure you will enjoy this map, and don't forget that a lot of credit goes to Orlando the Axe (

By the way, please please please rate and/or review this map at The Mill. I would really appreciate it, guys. Thank you and ENJOY the map!!!!!





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