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^_^!Me 'n my life!^_^

I wish I were Tenchi Masaki. It would be cool and all. If I were to choose between all fo the girls, Ryoko, Aeka, Sasami, Kiyone, Sakuya, Mihoshi, and Washuu, the answer would be a simple choice. The coolest, person would be Ryoko the blue haired girl. That is why I have diedicated this website to Ryoko. What makes me sad is that Tenchi in Tokyo is the worst, most upsetting version of Tenchi Muyo in the Universe. Sakuya is one ugly Whore-Slutty-B****! Don't worry!^_^" o.O I will add more to this part of my website. I guess there is nothing more to say, but to say that there will be a lot more to come. I am really busy, and I hope that u would be able to spread my website to other people. Tenchi Fans Rule!

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