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Tenchi & Ryoko's Hideout

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MiDi SoUnD GaLlErY!

MiDi SoUnD GaLlErY 2!

Welome to Ryoko's Hideout where insanity roams...ack!*ducks* Stop that Ayeka! Ryoko! *ahem*

Your hostess and host are yours truly and her friendly friend:

Shi-chan a.k.a InsanityGurly and Tenchi-freak a.k.a Waterboy,

WaZzUp to AlL oF MaH FwEnDs! Hey it's the summer time! Let's go on vacations! If u came to look around just sit back and relax! Let the mouse do its thing.

This Page will now be under construction heavy construction and new layouts during the summer b/c I have finals coming up! Enjoy what you have now! During the summer Im gonna dedicate mah hardwork to dis website, and to make a 2002 page to this website!

Ja minna-san!

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This website is dedicated to Ryoko and Tenchi! Come on in and take a look at the galleries and listen to the songs!!!

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