lalalala this is cool...ajay is FUCKING FINE!

october 19, 1984 fort bragg, CA

haha..right. i want a big truck though...a mercedes would work too!

volleyball (this will be my 6th year playing), singing, dancing, hanging out with my friends, listeing to music....whatever!

lit, slipknot, soulfly, no doubt, ozzy, and sublime are getting the most play recently, but my taste also include n sync and all country (yeah so what if you think they suck. i love them so screw you! and if you don't think they suck, then thank you!)

uh......nothing to go here

n sync-oakland, california 4/19/99 (we had horrible seats, my friends jen and barbara can vouch for me on that one!)

i would have to say lit/no doubt-anchorage, alaska 7/23/00, considering that we pushed our way up to the very very front left side of the stage...great view! definately better than those nosebleed seats at n sync...

“sleepy hollow”, “leaving las vegas”, “the labirynth” (hey, david bowie is cool!), “natural born killers”, “legend”, “girl interrupted”, “end of days”, “this is spinal tap” (that's some funny shit!) "sixteen candles"

solo singer? i guess garth brooks, since everyone else i like is kinda in a group...garth brooks or rob zombie...or bradley nowell (oh! my baby bradley i love you!)...but in group lit, slipknot, sublime and n sync would definately be up there!

okay so my friend told me that steven tyler was an icon too, as well as elvis. i kinda like steven tyler more than elvis, considering that he's a little more in my time zone you know?? steven tyler is hella hella cool...

well i'm not 18 so i don't get to do anything cool like that. but i've been in some. the one at the fitzgerald hotel in renos pretty sweet i guess. and the one at hard rock in reno is sweet too. better than fitzgerald at least

i have a black lab/mc nab dog named harley. my mom (lynn) loves harley's (she's a biker chick at heart) so that explains the name. me and harley live in california with my dad (bruce), my mom lives in alaska, and my sister (trinity) lives in oregon, with her daughter (keely) who is about 3 months old now. she's a cute little baby, i love her!

it kinda sucks in alaska because i only know one person my age, becky. my mom got us tickets to the lit/no doubt concert and i about died! so becky and i went, and it was sooo awesome. i had kick some ass to get up to where we ended up watching the show, but it was worth it! one of the best parts of the show was when jeremy jumped on the speaker in front of us and stepped on my hand. it didn't hurt though, and my friend was like "OHMIGOD never wash your hand" when i told her. too late, barb! and when no doubt was on, everyone was watching them, and me and becky spotted jeremy and ajay off to the side of the stage, practically right in front of us (but like 25 feet away). i feel bad for them because we were screaming their names and when they'd look we'd wave, then they'd wave, and we'd scream. then like 10 seconds later we'd do it again. i feel really stupid for acting so immature about it now. after like the 5th time, they were probably "dude, shut the fuck up". oh well, hey and if you guys are reading this (jeremy or ajay) i was in a grey blink 182 t-shirt, and becky was in a grey nike t-shirt...okay that's enough now