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dAviD's mAiN pAgE


tHaNx fOr viSiTiNg mY pAgE..siGn mY gUeStbOoK k?...i LiKe 2 dEdiCaTe diS pAgE tO mY LoVeLy wiFe AnNa ChAn...i LoVe hEr tO dEaTh...nOtHiN wiLL mAkE mE pArT wiTh hEr...i'M wiLLiNg tO sAcriFiCe my LiFe JuS tO mAkE hEr LaUgH..muCh LoVe BoO..u bEtTa ReCogNiZe???...hAhAhAHa..LoLz...tAkE cArEs.....dEw hOe!!!

hErE`s a LiL 411 oN mEeH:


NaMe'S DaViD..bUt u cAn CaLL mE JiGgLyPuFf...DiM SuM..=D


oAkToWn...rE%iN 41510...


cUrReNtLy 25...tUrNiNg 26 iN aUgUsT..wUt yEaR?..u dO tHa mAtH...hAhAhA...


cHyNeEz...bEtTeR rEcOgNiZe...cHyNeEz pRyDe!!!


KiKo'S JaPaNeEz CuiSiNe...ThEy hAvE tHe bEsT VoLcAnO RoLL, NoT jUs cUz I wOrK tHeRe..LoLs..

i aLsO wOrK aT GSi aS a CuStOmEr SeRviCe ReP...jEaLoUs???

wOrKiN hArD tO gEt tHaT...


aLL i kNo wHaT tO dO iS tHiNk bOuT mY bAbY WiFeY aNnA...EvErYtHiNg eLsE sUcKs
...wAnNa pLaY a GaMe oF 9-BaLL?

dAt's sHoRtY JaY, RaYsTeR, mEeH

nOw dAt'S sHoRtY jAy, rAyStEr, aNd tHa iNfAmOuS fOrGeTfUL-oF-eFfEcTz pAuL


cHeErS!!!! DriNk tO yOuR HeArT's CoNtEnT!

HeRe's a cOupLe PiX oF mY bAbY nEiCe - TriNi aKa miNi-mE

PiX oF mY NeWLy CuZziNs: SaRaH & SaNdRa

mAriTaL sTaTuS:

HaPPiLy mARRiEd...sO dOnT pLaY gAmEs wiT mEeH n i wOnT pLaY gAmeS wiT u...=)

HeRe'S mY RiDe:

DeW HoE!!!!

gO aWaY!!!! I'm sLeEpiNg..LoLs

HiT mEeH uP yO!!!

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yOo wAnNa cHeK oUt mY gB?