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Chapter 2

I pulled in to my driveway. I got out of my car and slammed the door shut. I walked up the steps thinking why didn’t I listen to Ashley! I got out my keys and unlocked the door and walked in. I threw my bag down on the ground as hard as I could, trying to push out the anger. I sat down on my leopard chair and looked up at the phone. I had no messages; but I needed to call Justin.

I picked up the phone and dialed his number. It rang then I heard, “Hey wuz up homies and all you fine honeys out there especially you Meg! Yo, you know the routing after the beep! Peace!” beep.

“Justin we need to talk. I’m getting sick of being treated like one of your so-called boys! I’m your girlfriend or at least I was. Just give me a call. Cause I still want to be friends. Bye.” Then I hung up the phone.

I felt way better! I got up and put my hands in my pocket thinking maybe that I should go shopping because for some reason I always get better after spending my money on my clothes. It relaxes me. But of course I have no money. Like my guy life.

I picked up my bag that had tons of books in it and cared it to the kitchen table. I sat down with a headache that I always get when Justin makes me mad.

I opened my bag and grabbed out all my homework and started to write.

My body was writing and working. But my mind and my brain was set on what Ashley said.

Then I thought she was right! I haven’t been out on a girl’s night out for months!

After I finished my homework I went in my room and called Ashley.

As the phone rang I sat on my bed and grabbed my “Teen” magazine with Christina Aguilera on it.

“Hello?” I finally heard over the phone.

“Hey Ashley!” I said.

“Hey what’s up, Meg?”

“Not much. I was just calling about a girls night out!”

“Okay cool. You want to go tonight?” I agreed. “Okay. Hey! Do you want to go to the YMCA? It’s a new club. YMCA: Young, Modern, College, and I forget the A part. They have great music and best of all no drugs or things like that.”

I hate that stuff and refuse to try any drugs or sip beer.


“Yeah. The DJ is really really cool! Jazzy JB.”

“Okay, weird name but sounds okay to me.”

“Yeah I know but it’s a really cool club.”

“Okay what time?”

“I’ll pick you up at seven okay? Oh! Did you talk to Justin?”

“No he’s at the party!”

“Of course!” Ashley said getting angry.

“But I called him and left a message on his answering messing.”

“What did you say?”

“I just told him I want to be friends because he’s treating me like one of his so-called boys.”

“Oh hold on someone is on the other line.”

I waited a bit just staring up at the top of my room.

“Hey Meghan?” I heard again. It’s Ryan. Got to go. Bye”

“Oh okay. Bye.”

Ryan is Ashley’s fiancé. Ryan is really sweet to Ashley. He has blue eyes, kinda golden hair, he is an actor, and he is divorced and didn’t get full custody of his baby girl. But his baby girl and he love Ashley.

It was about five when I took my shower and I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly washed out the conditioner and got on my robe.

I walked to the front door. It was Ashley.

“Hey,” I said as I let her in and closed the door.

“Hey, I’m really sorry I came early but I came because Ryan went to LA for a photo shoot and I got bored so I came to your house.”

“Oh okay let me go get dressed.”

“Okay,” she sat down on the chair and picked up the “Teen People” magazine.

I walked in my room and got my clothes on when I heard someone outside my window. But when I looked no one was there.

I must be hearing things. I said to myself.

I got on my black bell-bottoms and my “Goddess” pink shirt on. I grabbed my platforms. As soon as I got those on I went into the living room.

“Ready?” Ashley said.


We drove to YMCA. We parked Ashley’s car and got in line to get in. Well Ashley, thankfully, had got us in with backstage passes.

It was such a cool place. It had lights as if I lived in Las Vegas. The people were great, the DJ was awesome, the music was so cool and the music had a great beat to it.

We went and put our stuff down. Like our jackets and purses.

We danced almost all night. We were so tried when we looked at the clock it had been six hours since we had arrived! It was getting really cold and I was so tried that I was about to faint. I asked Ashley if she wanted to go. Of course she said yes because she was tried too.

After she drove me home she told me she would see me tomorrow.

“Okay bye,” I responded the best I could.

“Bye,” then she drove out of my driveway.

I went up to my deck and I heard someone running behind me. I turned around. No one was there.

“I must be hearing things since the music in the club was so loud,” I told myself.

I unlocked the door and walked in. I turned and locked the door just in case.

I walked in my room and threw my clothes off and put on my boxers and spaghetti shirt on. Then the phone rang.

I walked out of my room and in the guestroom; since it was closer, and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Meghan,” a guy on the other end of the phone said. He had a low voice and he was someone I have never talked to.

“Who is this?”

“Who do you think, Meg?”

“Okay this Scream movie prank phone calling is really lame.”

“Oh really? Well, you know what? Dumping someone for no reason like my bro. Justin was lame too.”

“Justin is this you?”

“No. But let’s play a game.”

“How about no.”

“Why not?”

“I’m tried,” this guy was starting to freak me out, “and I’m going to go to bed.”

“Why because of dancing at YMCA?”

“Who is this?”

“Do you want to play the game? Answer the question right and you live answer it wrong and you die!”

“Fine jerk. Bring it on.”

“What is today?”

“Thursday me and Justin’s anniversary.”

“Right. Oh shout!”

Then I heard something in my room break. And I screamed.

I ran in and saw that part of my window was opened and my picture frame was broken.

“Alright, Meg. You can sleep now,” he said over the phone.

“No way what if you’re in the house?”

“You answered the question right. And just wait. I’ll be watching you. Click”

I was so scared that I couldn’t move.

I quickly called Justin.

“Hello?” he said.

“You’re a butt head!” I yelled.

“What did I do? Let me guess treat you like a guy?”

“Very funny! Who called me? One of your friends called me and broke in my house and tried to kill me!”

“Meg, leave me alone. You just want to be friends and your not acting like a friend. Click,” He hang up the phone.

I had no choice but to go to bed because I had to go to school tomorrow. I quickly dig in my covers and pulled it over my head. But again I had the same dream.