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Chapter 1

I was running through the halls. I was running from what would kill me.

Every hall looked the same. I just thought to myself, run harder. He’s behind you!

I passed a coffee table that was holding a picture of me. I was running through the dark halls and hoping and praying that I would make it out. Then lighting struck. It lightened the room.

He was standing right next to me. I screamed as loud as I could. I didn’t see his face only his tall body.

I ran down the other hall running and running. Then I saw him. He was the most frightening thing I ever saw. He had eyes that glowed as if they were red blood. His hair looked as if he had gallons of oil on it. His crooked smile could scare even a grizzly bear. His black coat was as blacker then a blind man could see. His jean pants had holes everywhere on it, as if it was a piece of cheese and a mouse had tried to eat it.

He walked toward me. I tried to walk back. But I was unable to move. Then he reached in his left pocket and pulled out a knife!

I screamed for fear that this would be my last moment on earth. I prayed to God that someone would come in and rescue me. But then he raised the knife. And then…

I woke up! I sat up in my bed in my room. I was freezing. I looked around everywhere in the darkness trying to see if anyone was there. I saw no one.

That was the sixth time I had the same dream.

I got out of bed and put my robe on. I went into the kitchen and turned the light on. I got out a cup and a made some tea. I sat down on the table trying to figure out what my dream was about. But then I turned around and looked at the clock. It was three in the morning. I took another sip and went to bed.

In the morning I woke up I got dressed. You know the usual. A pair of Paris Blues bell-bottoms, a light baby green spaghetti strap, and of course my Nike shoes. Also some rings. Then grabbed my physics book and walked out the door.

I live in Tampa Florida. It’s a beautiful. The air is great. The ocean is beautiful ever day. My neighborhood is so sweet, kind and cheerful. The trees look like they are dancing in the wind. The clouds are as white fluffy pillows. The sky as baby blue as can be. Birds sing their song every morning.

I go to Florida University. I’m studying science and ocean biology.

I got in my Durango and drove to school.

School is okay; I miss all my friends. Some are in Hawaii, Tennessee, New York, South Carolina, and California. (I did live in California.) I miss them so much.

As soon as I knew it I was at school. I got out of my car and saw Justin.

Justin and I met my first year at the University. It was his second year. We met thru a friend. Justin has brown spiked hair, blue eyes and he’s about my height. He wears baggy pants and a plain shirt or his basketball or football jersey. He’s not the best boyfriend but it’s nothing serious. I think.

“Hey girl!” he said hugging me.

“Hey what’s up?” I simply replied.

“Nothing. But there is this party tonight that the guys and I are going to.”

“Oh,” I said upset as we walked in to our first class, Calculus.

He looked at me questionably. “Nothing,” I said setting down in my desk.

“Okay,” he walked to his desk, which is three rows behind me.

Ashley, my best friend sat down next to me. Ashley has beautiful brown hair that shines in the sun. Even though she complains how messed up it is. She has brown eyes that look so pretty. I’ve known her since 6th grade and we were lucky enough to go to the same college. She always listens to me and always helps me.

“So,” she stared smiling, “What are you and Justin going to do for your one year anniversary?”

“He forgot and he’s going with his friends to a party.”

“Why are you dating him?” she asked angrily. Did I say that she hates Justin too?

“Oh I don’t know. Every time I go to tell him I’m going to dump him he gives me this look like he’s sad.”

Meghan, wake up and smell the coffee! You can do so much better!”

“I know.”

“Then go out to a dance club with me tonight. We can have a girl’s night out! Hey I know it’s like 6th grade stuff but hey!” I laughed as the bell rang.

Then Mr. Raoul came in. Mr. Raoul is not the best teacher. Sure he has no more hair, talks like he is Freddie Cougar, he can’t dress at all, and he’s a little over weight.

“Okay class…” he began but the class was still talking, “I’ll wait.” Then everyone was quite. “Thank you,” he said smiling, “before I start I want to say that we will be having a new student in our class tomorrow. Everyone be nice to him.”

The rest of the day went pretty boring. But as soon as I knew it I was going to my car to leave.

“Yo Meg!” I heard Justin yell.

I turned and he hugged me for a second then looked back at me. “What’s new girl?” he said with a smile.

“Nothing,” I said glaring at him when I opened the door. I was thinking that I should do what Ashley said.

“What did I do now?”

I sat in my car and looked at him. “What is today?”


“What occasion?” I asked trying to hint.

“Oh man, it’s your mom’s birthday right?”

I opened up the glove compartment and grabbed Justin’s present. I handed it to him, “Happy Anniversary,” I said pulling out.

He got so mad at himself that he threw his bag down and kicked it. But as soon as he saw his boys he forgot about me.