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Chapter 6

I woke up in the morning with Wendy yelling, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”

“What?” I said rubbing my eyes trying to wake up.

“It’s Saturday!”

“That’s great, Wendy let me go back to sleep,” I said rolling over and putting my head in my pillow.

“Okay. Oh and Nick called.”

I jumped up, “He did!”

“Yeah I told him you were sleeping and you would call him when you woke up.”

I ran out of my bed and in the living room and almost fell on the coffee table. I grabbed the phone and dialed his number. It seamed to ring forever.

“Hello?” I heard on the other end. It sounded like a guy’s voice but really high.

“Hi, is Nick there?” I asked.

“This is Nick,” he replied.

“It’s Meghan.”

“Oh hey girly.”

“Ahh you sound different on the phone.”

“I know well…”

Then I heard in the background, “Aaron who are you talking to?”

“Your girlfriend, Meghan,” He replied.

“What!!?? You little brat give me the phone!”I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Bye Meghan!” Aaron said.

“Meghan?” Nick said.

“Hi Nick!” I said still laughing.

“Ahh sorry about that. He got out of his cage.”

“How mean,” I said giggling, “Funny but mean.”


“Well you called me. What did you want to talk about?”

“I was wondering when should I get to your house?”

“Oh about 3:30 would be great!”

“Okay good.”

Then there was a knock on the door.

“Nick, I got to go someone’s at the door.”

“Oh okay. I’ll see you later Meghan.”

“Okay bye.”

“I love you, Meghan!” Aaron shouted.

I laughed.

“Aaron you butthead!” Nick yelled then hang-up.

I laughed and hung up the phone.

I walked to the door, “Thanks Wendy for getting the door!” I yelled.

I opened the door and it was Lance. Wendy’s old ex-boyfriend from high school.

“Hey Lance come on in,” I said letting him in.

“Hey,” he said sitting down on the chair.

Lance was about 5’11 and had blond spiked hair and he had green eyes. Wendy and him went out in high school. I don’t know why they broke up. They were so cute together. And they had a lot in common too.

“Who is here?” Wendy asked coming in the living room. She turned and saw Lance.

Lance stood up, “Hello…Wendy.”

Wendy had her hairbrush and she dropped it, “Lance?”

“I’m going to go in my room. Okay you guys?” I said.

They didn’t say anything; they just stared at each other.

“Okay,” I said walking in my room. I closed the door and turned my 2ge+her CD. I opened my outfit closet. I looked throw all my clothes and deiced to wear bell-bottoms and my ‘Super Sexy Girl’ spaghetti shirt. Then I closed that closet and went to my: shoes, hats, and hair care closet. I opened that and found baby pink high heels. And I put my hair in a half ponytail.

I was ready. I put my ear to the door and I could hear Wendy and Lance talking. Last I went out when they were talking Wendy almost bit my head off.

I went back to my dresser and put my pink lipstick on and some Tommy Girl perfume on. I put my anklet bracelet on. And some dangly earrings. Then I heard someone at the door.

I opened the door and walked to the front door. Lance and Wendy were so into their conversation that they didn’t even see me or hear the door.

I opened the door and there was Christina.

“Hey!” we both yelled! We hugged each other.

Christina and I meet in Jr. High School. We were best friends forever! She was my seconded best friend. She has blond hair, blue eyes, flirts way too much (but don’t we all) and she can make any girl look like a movie star! That’s why she has her on Beauty Salon. She is the best at it too.

“Hey!” She said, “Gosh look how beautiful you look!”

“Thanks and you too!”

She saw Wendy and Lance, “Maybe we should go in your room,” she said with a wink.

I nodded my head.

We went in my room and we must have talked for hours. Many other people came. It was so good to see them all. But one person was missing. Nick. He wasn’t here yet. Wendy and Lance kept talking and they looked like they were having a good time.

Then there was a knock on the door. Nick! I thought.

I ran and grabbed the doorknob and opened it.

It was JC.

“Hi Meg.”

“You weren’t invited!” I snapped.

“Well someone invited me.”

“Wendy and you are no longer an item.”


“She’s sick of you and if you come back, I’ll have to hurt you!” I slammed the door on his face.

I went and told Wendy.

“Good,” she said.

Then there was another knock at the door.

“Great!” I said.

I went and opened the door. It was Nick!