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Chapter 4

Later when no one was coming and I still had to work I sat down next to Nick.

“So this is your job?” he asked.

“Day job. Night job is making sure my roommate doesn’t hurt herself.”

He laughed then smiled.

“No I’m kidding, this my afternoon job. I’m trying to be an actress and well you know rehearsals,” I looked at the clock, “Well, its 7:00. Time to lock up.”

“Okay,” Nick said as he got up.

I grabbed the keys and we went out side and I locked the door.

We both got in our cars and I drove home with Nick following behind me.

Later we pulled up the driveway and Mrs. Tingle was outside.

Nick walked out of his car and met me on the deck. I just stood there.

“Aren’t we going in?” he asked.

“It’ll just be a seconded.” I whispered.

I stood there waiting for Mrs. Tingle to see us.

“If we go in now Mrs. Tingle is going to tell everyone in the neighborhood that I’m… you know with you. She spreads so many rumors,” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh,” he whispered back.

“Oh hello Meghan and young man!” she said as soon as she saw us.

“Hello Mrs. Tingle,” I replied.

“Hi,” Nick said.

“This is Nick, Mrs. Tingle. We met on the beach.”

“Oh I see. Nice choose. A lot better then that guy!” she said as she walked in her house.

“What?” Nick said confused.

“My roommates boyfriend. She hates him. So do I!”


I unlocked the door and we walked in. I put my purse on the dinner table and turned around.

“Okay, well all the stuff was dropped off in the basement. The lazy mover guys put them there.”

“Okay so we start in the basement.”


I showed him down the hall and into the basement which was a mess!

“Oh lord,” he responded when he saw it.

It was dark like the night out at a forest. The only light was from a little window. Boxes were everywhere. So were Wendy and my leopard print chairs. “Sorry about some much junk everywhere.”

“That’s okay. It looks like my brother’s room.”

“Would you help me with the sofa?”


He grabbed one end and I grabbed the other. He was walking backwards and I was walking forward.

“Be careful of the steps!” I told him.


We finally got the sofa up the stairs and in the living room.

“Okay what is next?” Nick asked me.

“Well…” I started but Wendy and JC walked in yelling at each other and interrupted me.