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Chap 1

It got through reading about Jeff from 98o and his baby girl, it was an early Friday morning in Tampa Bay, Florida when I was reading my “Teen People” magazine that I subscribed to. Wendy walked in the room.

“Hey Blondie!” she said.

“Hey,” I replied. Wendy calls me “Blondie” because of my hair and me being clueless almost all the time.

“So what are we doing today?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Hey, do you want to do to the beach?”

"Oh wait! JC and I are going to Orlando to meet his parents.”

“Oh okay. I’ll go to the beach. All alone,” I said with a cute sign.

“Don’t play cute with me.” I just smiled. Wendy hates it when I do girly things. Like when I made cheerleader. She was really happy for me. But she still couldn’t believe I was a cheerleader. She was on JV one year and three year’s varsity for volleyball. And we both were in varsity for basketball four years! If you can believe it! And I was varsity for cheerleader four years. Not trying to brag but we love sports.

Wendy and I just moved to Tampa Bay. That’s where she met JC. Actually they met on the Internet in a chat site. Some NSync thing, I think.

“Have fun!” I said.

"I’m going to see baby pictures of him. I mean I get to see all of the embarrassing moments. I’m going to treasure this night!”

“Wendy? What am I going to do with you?”

“Funny,” she said glaring at me.

“Sorry,” I said with a quiet voice.

I got up and went in my room.

I walked back out to the living room and saw Wendy listing to my Limp Bizkit CD. She was jumping up and down. She turned around and saw me. I just shock my head and she turned hot pink.

I laughed out loud and she turned around and took off her head phones, “Sorry,” she said.

“Sure you are,” I answered.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“Oh my gosh!” Wendy yelled and jumped.

“What?” I said as I walked to the door.

“Don’t open it! It’s JC!”

“I thought you liked him?”

“I do but I’m not ready to go to his parents!” she ran in her room, “you can open the door now!"

I shock my head. I opened the door to see JC with his dog. He always brings his dog with him.

JC has black hair, a bit taller then me, brown eyes (or blue eyes. I don’t pay attention to him a lot), can’t dress, and he’s such a freak! He’s always mean to me and he pretends I’m not there.

“She’s almost ready,” I told him.


He put his dog down and JC (As always) went straight to the refrigerator. He eats a lot too.

He grabbed the last piece of cherry pie and sat down and put his muddy feet on the glass coffee table.

“JC get your feet off the table.”

“Why should I?"

Because you’re a big fat brat! I thought to myself. “JC, you’re getting it all muddy!”

“I’ll clean it up,” he said with a mouth full of cherry pie.

“No you won’t,” I said as I kicked his feet off.

“Gosh why did you do that!”

I rolled my eyes, “You know!”He put the left over piece on the floor and let his dog eat it.

“JC!” I grabbed the plate and walked in the kitchen and put it in the sink, “you butthead!”

“Sorry,” he said as he picked up his dog. I knew he wasn’t sorry.

Then Wendy came in with blue jean pants and she borrowed my pink strap shirt that said “Princess”.

“Wendy! Why are you wearing that! Wear a dress or something!” JC wined.

“Well, I like this,” she replied.

He looked at his watch; “We better go because the plane leaves soon.”

“Okay,” Wendy got her purse. “Bye Meg, see ya later,” she said as she and JC and his dog walked out.


I was all alone and there was nothing to do. I didn’t have to go to work till 3:00 and it was only 2:28. I grabbed my purse and my two piece on and my clothes over them and walked out the door. I decided I should go to the beach and hang out.