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Lake County 4-H Home Page

This is the Lake County 4-H web page. We are located in Northern California. My name is Patrick and I am making this as my Emerald Star Project.

4-H is an educational youth program of the University of California Cooperative Extension through which you can learn about animals, sewing, cooking, hobbies, eletricity, camping, hiking etc. The list goes on and on. It is a great way to learn and make friends in a relaxed environment.

You can get involved in citizenship as well. There are many other programs put on by 4-H, including citizenship trips, field days, animal shows, and much more. Soon I will have information about all of these things. To learn more go to our FAQ Page Just give it some time and it will go quickly, I have several links here including some reference links for information.


If anyone has any news to put on this page email me below

Web links

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