Zürich - September 2000

Zürich has converted some of its traffic signals from the standard light bulb to LEDs. So it's really neat to see the red-yellow phase in LED's. Sadly though, pedestrian and bike signals still don't have red-yellow.
Another point, the signal structure you saw in Zürich 1997, has been removed in 1998/99.

LED Signal Urania- + Bahnhofstrasse - the right side

Compare to this older photo:
New LED signal at Urania/Bahnhofstrasse - the left side.
and note even the pedestrian signals are fully LED (red+yellow+green)
Note, this photo is not sponsored by Manor department store.

Bahnhofquai, next to Zürich HB (Central station/Gare Centrale/Stazione Centrale)
Note, if you see a small yellow light next to the 3-light signal, it will blink on the green phase.

This light is located at the the Sihlbrücke/Talstrasse intersection, facing towards Zürich See
large signal at Utoquai, just south of Bellevueplatz

New non-LED signal in East Zürich

Note, look at the filament in the yellow light.
New LED signal Bürkliplatz

Big light:

Sihlstrasse/Talstrasse_September_2000 Sihlstrasse/Talstrasse_From_August_1998

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