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On 8 September 2000, I passed through Solothurn and Biel from Stuttgart and Karlsruhe on my final destination to Lausanne (Vaud). While I was waiting in Solothurn, I happen to see a signal light just outside the station from my train. At just the right moment, the red light went to its red-yellow phase, and then to green.
Solothurn_Bahnhof Solothurn_Bahnhof Solothurn_Bahnhof_closeup

I saw this in Biel (Bienne in French) as well but didn't have the camera ready in time.

This page will contain also photos from the German speaking part of Switzerland except from the canton of Zürich (they are contained in separate documents)

I will be visiting Solothurn either 24 or 25 April, so stay tuned for more photos.