Suisse Romande (p ex Vaud)
Lausanne + Vevey
Bois de Vaux (Lausanne) - le 8. septembre 2000

L'autre face de l'intersection Bois de Vaux/Other side of the Bois de Vaux intersection

Bourdonnette (Station TCL Metro)

Please note some of the photos are subject to blocking. Thank you for your understanding.

Lausanne Gare CFF
Photos Coming around 10 October at a remote site

Synopsis: 90 % of Lausanne's traffic signals are red-yellow compliant, except for the remaining < 10 % in central Lausanne near the Mirabeau area. All of Vevey's signals I've seen are red-yellow equipped although in the evening they revert to simple flashing yellow even near the CFF station.

The canton Vaud beats Geneva in Red-Yellow percentage.

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