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Swiss cantonal flags and letter codes

Swiss cantonal flags and codes

Cantonal Codes and flags that you see on Swiss number plates

Switzerland uses two kinds of license plates, both of which are black on white background. One is the long one-row type where the Swiss national flag is at the left and the corresponding cantonal flag is at the right. In between, there is a two-digit alphabetical cantonal code corresponding to one of twenty six half cantons followed by one to six numbers. The other more common type is the two-row type, with national flag at the top left and the cantonal flag at the top right. The number is at the bottom.
The Post vehicles use just a "P" without cantonal flag.

For the Fürstentum Liechtenstein, the number plates are white letters/numbers on black background. The number plates are similar to the Swiss, but have only the Liechtenstein flag, and "FL" as it's the only canton and is valid for that entire principality. The Liechtenstein flag comes right after "FL" on both one-row and two-row number plates.

AGAargau (Argovia) AIAppenzell Inner-Rhoden
ARAppenzell Ausser-Rhoden BEBern
BLBasel Land BSBasel Stadt
FRFribourg GEGenève
GLGlarus GRGraubünden
JUJura LULuzern
NENeuchatel NWNidwalden
OWObwalden SGSt. Gallen
SHSchaffhausen SOSolothurn
SZSchwyz TGThurgau
TITicino URUri
VDVaud VSValais
ZGZug ZHZürich
FLLiechtenstein CHSwitzerland

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