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411 On MeeH

The 411

My name is Cyryl pronounced "sigh-ral" i dunno how i got that name i guess my mom just made it up. I was born 2 months pre-mature weighing barely 3 lbs in Manila, Philippines on October 1rst 1984 and almost died...So yeah u can say i was a miracle baby. My family and I came to America in 1988 and stayed with my grandparents (on my dad's side) in richmond for few months until we settled down and got our own place. We then moved to Treasure Island, CA (San Francisco) which was then a Navy Base. I experienced the whole San Francisco Earthquake and the affects of the first Persian Gulf War there. In 91' my parents decided to move to American Canyon which was a newly built city at the time moving into a brand new four bedroom, two story house which i consider home sweet home. This is where i met all my child hood friends. I graduated from Vintage High School in 02 and currently attending Solano Community College for my general classes, i'm planning on transferring to either Davis or Sac State and major in Psychology. Ever since i can remember my family, my parents especially, have been with me every step of the way with every decision i make. From piano lessons, band, girl scouts, volleyball, school clubs...everything! i am truly blessed. Hopefully i can make them proud. now you know what makes me..ME.