TrinityPinay83: hi remember me
TrinityPinay83: i talked to you online a long ass time ago
SwTcYpNaY101: nope
TrinityPinay83: that's ok
TrinityPinay83: my name is melanie
TrinityPinay83: i think we talked before cause your on my bl
TrinityPinay83: don't think i'm a les
TrinityPinay83: cause i'm not
TrinityPinay83: if you read my profile i just broke-up with my ex
SwTcYpNaY101: why do u think i care?
TrinityPinay83: i don't know
SwTcYpNaY101: then why r u telling me
TrinityPinay83: dang i'm sorry
SwTcYpNaY101: so what r u trying to say?
TrinityPinay83: don't need to be mean
TrinityPinay83: just saying sorry dang
SwTcYpNaY101: u IM me out of the blue and i know i never talked to u b4 tellin me ur problems
SwTcYpNaY101: sorry ur depressed
SwTcYpNaY101: no need to put me in it
TrinityPinay83: i'm not
TrinityPinay83: putting anything on you
TrinityPinay83: sorry i imed you alright
TrinityPinay83: i'm not depressed if that what you think i'm talking to a guy at Solano College
SwTcYpNaY101: i know who u r
SwTcYpNaY101: don't think i don't know
TrinityPinay83: his name is jonanthan matabang
SwTcYpNaY101: oh really
SwTcYpNaY101: well i know who he likes and it's not u
TrinityPinay83: yeah really i like jon matabang
TrinityPinay83: well i don't care
TrinityPinay83: i'm still young
TrinityPinay83: so you know me
SwTcYpNaY101: then u must be depressed then
TrinityPinay83: i don't know
SwTcYpNaY101: i heard u think u know me but u don't
TrinityPinay83: i don't know you
SwTcYpNaY101: why should some stranger thinks she knows me when i never talked to her in my life
TrinityPinay83: all i know is that you dated my ex
SwTcYpNaY101: and?
TrinityPinay83: and he told me that you were his ex gf
SwTcYpNaY101: that doesn't mean i know u
TrinityPinay83: did i say that no
SwTcYpNaY101: how did u get my s/n?
TrinityPinay83: look i don't wanna be a hater and start mess with you
TrinityPinay83: like i said it was on my bl
SwTcYpNaY101: sure...
SwTcYpNaY101: i believe u
TrinityPinay83: it was
TrinityPinay83: think watever you want alright
TrinityPinay83: by the way congrats on graduating
TrinityPinay83: why would i be depressed when everything is all good for me
TrinityPinay83: i just turned 19 this June my family from Hawaii is here spending vacation and I'm hella tight wid my friend and family
TrinityPinay83: so i'm sorry if your pissed just cause i imed you
TrinityPinay83: don't need to be mean or give attitude
SwTcYpNaY101: i just think it's awkward that some girl IMs me at 10 in the morning talking about a guy she use to go out with
TrinityPinay83: i'm sorry dang
TrinityPinay83: i'm just wondering why your all pissed off and me
TrinityPinay83: just cause i imed you
SwTcYpNaY101: i'm not pissed off i'm just wondering who the heck u are and what u think ur doing by talking to me
SwTcYpNaY101: when i don't even know u
TrinityPinay83: i'm melanie
TrinityPinay83: and what's your name again
TrinityPinay83: look just wanna be cool with you
SwTcYpNaY101: but i'm saying...what gave u the idea to talk to me?
SwTcYpNaY101: what do u think i was going to say to u?
TrinityPinay83: i don't just saw you on my bl when i signed on
SwTcYpNaY101: and how do u know i'm graduating?
TrinityPinay83: profile
SwTcYpNaY101: that doesn't make sense
SwTcYpNaY101: u said i was on ur buddy list
SwTcYpNaY101: meaning u think i must of talked to u online b4
TrinityPinay83: yeah it was there when i signed on
SwTcYpNaY101: well i don't remember any girl saying they went out with my ex
SwTcYpNaY101: i can care less
TrinityPinay83: alright then
SwTcYpNaY101: geez what are u trying to do?
SwTcYpNaY101: be friends with me?
TrinityPinay83: yes that's all is that bad or something
SwTcYpNaY101: i have enough friends thank you
TrinityPinay83: look i don't go around starting shit wth peeps
TrinityPinay83: sorry aight
SwTcYpNaY101: sounds to me u are depressed
SwTcYpNaY101: if u write that sort of stuff in ur own profile
SwTcYpNaY101: u know there's more to life than just guys
TrinityPinay83: i know
SwTcYpNaY101: but of course ur just superficial to understand
TrinityPinay83: but my just broke-up with me and got back with his ex
SwTcYpNaY101: what?
TrinityPinay83: and got his ex pregnant
SwTcYpNaY101: who long?
SwTcYpNaY101: well that's his problem
TrinityPinay83: so how I'm am i supposed to feel now
TrinityPinay83: who long they been together i think 6 months and she 2 or 3 months pregnant
SwTcYpNaY101: then go on with life
SwTcYpNaY101: life goes on
Oh by the way she e-mailed me follwing this

dear cyrlyl, hey how are you anyways. remember we talked online while ago. anyway just want to agpologize. since i imed you and you didn't know who the hell i was. it's all good i go online sometimes and people im me out of the blue also. well just wanted to say i'm sorry. and what you said now online is true life does go on. i just didn't want to realize that thanks for your advice. and by the way i think your a nice person and i think your profile is so cool and hella pretty. and good luck in college or wherever life take you. i know you will succed in life. take care of yourself. ps: how do people make color profile anyways never tried that before. anyways smile it's good for you...:) Always, Melanie aka Lanie


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