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Mi Familia!

Mi Familia! This is dedicated to the ones i love....

left to right: jun (carlos), cy, cherie back: mama and papa taken after church in the P.I.

My Family -- by Dana Brooks

The love I feel for my family
Is so indiscribable
I want them to know
That my love for them is reliable
They can count on my love
Night or day
I promise them this
My love will never go away

left to right: my Amma and Ampa (grandma, grandpa)

My love will always be here
Through thick and thin
I will tell them that I love them
Over and over again
They are the light of my life
And it will stay that way
Because when I see their smiling face
It brightens my life every day

Thank you for all the memories...

Manila, Philippines-San Miguel Naval BaseCy n Pa Treasure IslandTreasure Island,CA Naval Basefamilypic taken in Vallejo CMC BanquetChristmas 2001 Lola's House -Richmond,CA