hello, i'm nikole. well duh. this is where i tell you all the so interesting shit about me...lol, interesting. anyways, enjoy.

HAIR COLOR: It's in a mohawk right now. it's a blue hawk with bangs that start out bright pink, go to purple, then to blue. yep.

EYE COLOR: it all depends on what i'm wearing and sometimes my mood. They change from green to blue to grey. it's pretty kool i guess. i wanna get some kool contacts like wes borlands or just other kool ones. i think it'd be kool to have black eyes with little red anarchy symbols painted on there.

SKOOL: CLHS(Clear Lake High School). skool sux...that's all i gotta say.

SIBLINGS: 2 brothers. one older, one younger. matt's annoying and mike is hella kool.

BEST FRIENDS: I don't know at this moment...i'm confused and there's a lot of shit going on.

MUSIC: i'm such a punk rocker now! i love punk! i still love my metal..but to tell you the truth, i'd rather listen to some kick ass, hard core punk.

FAVE BANDS: AFI, Pipedown, Misfits, Loose Change, Rancid, and so many many many more.

FAVE SONGS: I dunno...lots of songs.

FAVE MOVIE: i don't really have one right now.

FAVE COLORS: black, green, and blue.

FAVE THINGS TO DO: party, hang out, listen to music, go to concerts, party, just a bunch of shit.

STYLE: i'm more of a punk now than ever before. band shirts, schants or pants, converse shoes.

FAVE PLACE TO BE: where ever i am with my friends and if i'm having fun.

PIERCINGS: 9 in one ear, 10 in the other. one in my tongue and on in my labret.