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*ErIc MaBiUs*

The creepiest koolest guy in the world!

Not many people know who Eric Mabius is. Me and Amy discovered him on night many many moons ago while looking for movies to watch. We started to watch a movie called "The Black Circle Boys". It's about some cult and shit like that. It's a really kool movie. There was one actor that stood out in it....ERIC MABIUS. He was so creepy. Now here's the funny part....he reminded us of our friend John. He looks like him, acts like him, everything. It was just strange. All the things that Eric Mabius was doing in this movie, we could both see John doing. Then we just kinda forgot about him....until one night when I went over to Amy's house, she was watching a movie called "Around the Fire", it's about hippies and acid and shit like that. He was in it, what a surprise! That's about the time we both became obsessed with him.

We later found 2 other movies, "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and "The Crow: Salvation". Amy found "Welcome to the Dollhouse" on TV on night, it's a silly movie, made me laugh. And I was at the store one day looking at movies to rent, and "The Crow: Salvation" cought my eye(cuz i saw the first one a long time ago and I loved it). So I picked it up and looked at it. I looked at the cover and was thinking that the guy looked really Eric Mabius. So I looked, and what'd you know! It was Eric Mabius! So I rented it, it was a really good movie too! I think my fave part...but at the same time, the creepiest part was this part when he was up against the window to a car, and the girl inside screams, and he looks at her and goes "you're up..." in this really creepy way.

Another movie that he was in that I never knew until just now is "Cruel Intentions"! I have seen that movie over and over again! I never even realized that was him! I knew that guy looked familiar! I don't really know what it is about him...but there's something that makes me want to learn more about him and all that. He scares the shit outta me, yet I'm fascinated by boggles the mind. It really does....

**Noteable Eric Mabius Movies**

*The Black Circle Boys*: This movie is really kool, yet hard to find. I have only seen it 2 times I think....and haven't been able to find it since. There's a lot of drinking and drugs in it. And it's base is a cult full of rebelious teens.

*Around the Fire*: In this movie, there is a lot of acid taking and pot smoking. It's about hippie's and shit like that. It's a really good movie...and it's a true story. I like this one a lot, I just got done watching it.

*Welcome to the Dollhouse*: I don't really know what this movie is about....I know that the Mabius plays this guy who plays guitar in a highskool band. And there's this chick that falls in love with him.

*The Crow:Salvation*: I love this movie! It's so good! Eric Mabius makes a really good Crow cuz he's really creepy lookin. But he's also a really good actor. I think that this was my fave Eric Mabius movie...with "The Black Circle Boys" not that far behind.

1. Cruel Intentions (1999) .... Greg McConnell
2. Crow: Salvation, The (1999) .... The Crow
3. Minus Man, The (1999) .... Gene
4. Splendor (1999) .... Ernest
5. Wirey Spindell (1999)
6. Around the Fire (1998) .... Andrew
7. Myth America (1998)
8. Lawn Dogs (1997) .... Sean
9. Black Circle Boys (1997) .... Shane Carver
10. I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) .... Revolutionary No. 2
11. Journey of August King, The (1995) .... Hal Wright
12. On Seventh Avenue (1995) (TV) .... Bass Player
13. Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995) .... Steve Rodgers

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*ArOuNd ThE fIrE*

*ThE bLaCk CiRcLe BoYs*